a trip through London’s day and night

Yesterday was a long and enjoyable day for us. We had booked some months before to go to the Spiritualist Association showcase in South Kensington, as we did last year also. This year we went with our friend Veronica.

Because we’re dependent on using the taxi cab card to get places, it takes a bit of planning to get to the other side of London. Two “trips” in one cab – break for a coffee/lunch – change cabs and go another two trips (or swipes of the card) in the second taxi. You can only use two swipes of the card in any one taxi, thus the need for the change of cab in the middle.

As our usual midway point of Kingsway is out of action due to the recent below ground fire, we changed our stop off point to the British Museum, but when we got there (at the back entrance) the lift was out of service, so we were going to have to walk/roll round the outside of the building to the front entrance, but we quickly decided on the cafe in Russell Square Gardens instead.

Russell Square Gardens WC2 by R Sones [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

We had a nice early lunch there, amidst quite a few happy dogs running around. Seeing happy dogs is probably as near as I can get to an illustration of “the meaning of life” lol. After that we got the second cab over to Baden-Powell House, where the showcase was taking place.

This year they had 9 mediums doing their thing on stage, giving messages to members of the audience, and some of them were really very impressive, as well as being entertaining. I can’t say I enjoyed it as much as I did last year, but then I’m in a different place in myself this year, quite a lot stronger, but with a sense of weight bearing down, which may be the transit of Pluto opposing my natal Venus, before it goes on to cross my midheaven. I do like these people though, and we may well go along to the Spiritualist Association some time.

Baden-Powell House from Google street view

Baden-Powell House from Google street view

The three of us talked over quite a few things in the taxi to Euston, and at the Cafe Rouge Express that we had a bite to eat at. We all have interests in things like spirituality, spirit contact, the paranormal and astrology, so we had plenty to talk about.

Walking to the taxi pick up point through Euston station, I got one of those rare “shit, I love London” moments. I grew up here, and London has been a big part of my life over the years, with its crowds and life, its bookshops and cafes, its museums and parks. It’s the antithesis of small, cramped, family life, and I took solace in it since I was a teenager, until the time that I formed my own little Addams Family with Phil. I don’t get to see it so much now, and indeed I don’t need it as much, but it’s nice to see that some of its energy has survived the demolition derby of developers, yuppies and whiley comedian Mayors. They can dress it up like a Christmas tree, transfuse it with the blood of the international rich, crown it with a giant, sharded glass dunce’s cap, but the old tart’s dress is dipped in mud and beer, and swarming with refugees from the land of “normal”.

Travelling home through the lit up dark of night, I found myself in a meditation on various things. I thought of the Saros eclipse cycle that I recently heard of. It’s a roughly 18 year cycle, and I think it is significant. Two Saroses = 36 years. What were you doing 36 years ago? What 18 years ago? Not all events will fall in any one cycle, there are lots of Saros cycles, but some will be significant for a person I reckon. I think I am heading toward a significant one, within range at least.

As we went past different scenes in central London, I realized that my feelings have changed. For many years I felt an aversion to anything that reminded me of my experience of the 1980s. It isn’t even easy to say exactly what would set it off, but I would recoil, pull in my feelers, go somewhere else, think of something else. And now I was not bothered. I felt not exactly young again (no, not that), but whole and new again, unafraid, unperturbed, almost exultant. “I can own this” I felt, and yes I can. Everything could have been different, and everything can be different again.

Whatever this weight is that I’ve been feeling, this disillusion, this cynicism, this bleakness with a golden lining, it’s been doing something. And it’s working.

Beer Street by William Hogarth [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



  1. I would love to see London. So much history, vibes and fab architecture. Interesting you say feeling a “weight” lately. It’s a good description of how I’ve been feeling too. I would not call it oppression or exactly anxiety, although edges of it perhaps. Kind of a Dr. Who sort of suspense where my ears are on alert trying to pick up sounds. I put it down to the eclipse sandwich. Wondering what the fallout might be,

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