A good team at the New Moon

The next New Moon is on 18th April (UT). If you’re wondering when the heaviness will lift (if you’ve been feeling that), well of course it depends on what is hitting which part of your individual chart, but the two major sources of “ugh” at the moment are probably the Neptune-Saturn square and the Uranus-Pluto square. The good news is we will get a rest from the Neptune-Saturn square from late May till mid September (after which it re-engages through 2016). The Uranus-Pluto square, although it is past its last exact aspect, it will be in orb all told for about another 4 years. It will give us some periods of rest from next year though*, and towards the end of the whole thing Uranus will be in Taurus at times, which will ease things further.

Here is the chart for the New Moon:

aries new moon simple

The Sun-Moon conjunction is not majorly aspect to anything else, so I think it is more of a seed planter here for what is potential in the pattern as a whole. In Aries, it is very much initiating new beginning and new growth.

One thing to note: Uranus has moved off conjunction with the South Node, and that is a bit of a relief. The drive for independence and freedom which the Uranus-Pluto square is pushing carries less of an undertow of something to be careful of, less of a Pandora’s Box, less of a possibility of hell to pay. It’s nice to be able to relax a bit on that one.

Venus has moved into Gemini, which is nice, light, sociable, communicative and gives the atmospheric values of this time a sense of choice and variety. Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception here, as they are in each other’s signs. There is potential for intelligent values, and some grace in communication.

However, we have some provisos. Saturn opposes from Sagittarius, so there is a need to balance the lightness with some serious meaning, or to integrate the two, otherwise there is some kind of judgemental downer in the picture (or maybe it actually is a bit too easy to be shallow with this energy). And then there is that Neptune, squaring them both from Pisces. There is the need for that testing, sceptical Saturn, but there is a bit of a vibe of disillusionment in this configuration. It’s kinda difficult to feel entirely safe and certain with this energy, but Jupiter really helps from Leo, faithful, direct, good hearted Jupiter, gives some solid ground from fixed Leo. Not only that, but he also eases the Uranus-Pluto square with a trine to Uranus, giving a warmer, more personally relatable vision. Benediction indeed.

Mars and Mercury are conjunct in Taurus, which gives the energy of this time a quite solid and stable feel, and the mental vibe is also solid, thorough and focussed on the concrete and the tangible. A trine to both these planets from Pluto gives considerable resources, adding a penetrating depth to the mental weather (in potential), and for those who can tune into it, deep well springs of energy and drive that can be tapped. Between this and the mutual reception between Venus and Mercury, someone could get lucky on some material plans. A word of caution though: Jupiter, which is so benevolent in most respects in this chart, squares Mars-Mercury from Leo, which could exaggerate expectations or throw judgement off somewhat. Neptune sextiles Mars-Mercury from Pisces, and while this would further soften the drive of Mars (and one has to be careful of the clouding effects of glamour), it adds an imaginative and intuitive quality to Mercury. Another ameliorating influence comes from Venus, which trines Jupiter from Gemini. So Venus’ multivalent, light, quick, magpie values are helpful here, as is the exercise of imagination and intuition. The King in Leo needs to take some counsel here, in order to get the goods realistically out of the ground.

The North Node is trine Venus, and in Venus’ sign of Libra. Balance and relationship remain fruitful and wise areas of activity, even now that the more critical influence of the Uranus-Pluto square has moved off from the Nodes. Venus, and things Venusian, are a bit of a star in this chart.

Jupiter and Venus help each other in this chart, and allow each other to do a better job of doing the good stuff and avoiding the pitfalls of their positions. Jupiter brings stability, faith and pride; Venus brings an adaptable and bright sense of values and fulfilment. In the process they can ease the bigger tensions of the time, and even let us invest in some application to physical well being and reward (if we keep our feet on the ground). Just don’t forget balance and relationship, as that is still where the long term rewards are lying.

Venus and Jupiter by Raphael [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Image cropped and digitally altered

Venus and Jupiter by Raphael [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Image cropped and digitally altered

* Uranus and Pluto disengage from their square during the following periods: July – September 2016, June – mid November 2017, May – December 2018, finally disengaging in March 2019.


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