will we ever grow up?

I sometimes wonder, as societies anyway.

You see I can’t think of a society that is actually designed for grown ups, and certainly our own seems increasingly infantilized in some respects.

Most mainstream religions are built for children, with children’s morality tales, and children’s punishments and rewards. Politics largely follows the same pattern, with good guys and bad guys. You have to do the right thing, and the right thing is what we all say it is, which is what we have been told by …… someone who knows best.

When, you have to ask, does anyone get to grow up and live their own life? It seems rather that society exists for raising children who will grow up to be bigger, controlled children, who will raise more children. A grown up, in this situation, would be a criminal.

Look at attitudes towards things like pornography, prostitution, nakedness, sex and sexuality, informed drug use. Look at attitudes towards people who go beyond sexual monogamy. You would think we were heading for a wall to wall 24/7 nursery, or possibly a padded cell.

Not so surprising then, that a population that votes in a government consistently acts like someone else done it to them, always wants big sibling to sort out their choices for them, and can’t ever seem to remember the last time they made a bad decision, who made it, and what it led to.

I suggest you live your lives for yourselves, and break the chains called shame. Shame is there to keep you a child, nothing more. And life is meant to be for adults, because unless you are very unfortunate, you will be an adult for most of your life.

It’s meant to be about adulthood, that’s what it’s for, and no, it’s not all suitable for children. That’s why children have guardians, who should be looking after them. Not the rest of us.

Be glad that they might have a real adult future, if the morality police don’t get to them. Be glad there might be a life they’d want to live, not under unlimited protection and regulation, but with the freedom to live from some place primordial and gutsy and real.

Because the extended asylum under Big Nurse is not a life, and no amount of people unnecessarily demonized as aberrant, creepy or potentially abusive will give that freedom back.

So I suggest you live your lives for yourselves.

Start doing it now.

Animal Play at Folsom Street Fair by SFWheelchair (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons



  1. Interesting take on society, though I would argue even children are freer or even better-minded than we are. When we grow up we usually become dull, deprived of our original spirit, and all because we have surrendered it because we believe we have to because we’re no longer young.

  2. You are right Bro, shame is the greatest chain on life there is. It denies us our true existence and causes more damage than is necessary. And the biggest shame of all is that most seem unable to take control of what they do in life then land the blame on their circs. Is that not the same as ‘it isn’t my fault I got so drunk X bought me a beer I didn’t want.’ Well stone did X hold you down and force it down your throat too. Grow the f*** up people. Take control of your lives!!

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