Taurus New Moon

It was New Moon yesterday morning, and this is my take on it.

Taurus New Moon full

The new Moon is in Taurus, and I think this feels like a somewhat surreptitious New Moon, not really visible above ground. It is opposed by Saturn, so new beginnings take work here, more especially making meaningful sense (Sagittarius) out of what is emerging in potential.

Saturn also opposes Mars, and both are caught up in squares to Neptune and Nessus. This is a very messy looking T square, so how can we make sense of it? Energy and drive can take off here, with a light, curious quality, but again it takes work to make good of this, to draw it together into a meaningful direction, rather than getting lost in dissipated attention, or myriad “facts”. With the right philosophy this energy can be directed. The problem comes from distraction from that Neptune in Pisces, and its disillusioning (or just undermining, interfering) influence. Nessus adds a dose of bitterness to the picture. Don’t take notice of resentments, as there are probably too many in the wings somewhere. But Nessus also signifies final endings of old, painful stories, so that’s another thing that could be taken from this. Sometimes you just have to ignore the demands of people and the world. Mercury also plays into a square to Neptune, so it affects the mental climate; imaginative, but subject to distortion fact wise, a bit too emotionally charged to be truthful – just bear it in mind and take some things with a pinch of salt.

A very nice thing that is happening here is a conjunction between Jupiter and Juno in Leo. This is a very nice energy for the marriages and committed partnerships in our lives, and shows an opportunity to bring some magic and romance to our long standing, long weathered, intimate relationships. And there is a trine to Uranus, so hey, some open mindedness, some freedom, some space to dream clearer. These also nicely aspect Mercury, so good communication (just don’t get stuck in that Neptunian, collective, inherited emotion that is affecting Mercury at the moment, it is not your real friend, no matter how much it pretends to be). An inconjunct between Jupiter-Juno and Pluto shows that if power issues raise their heads, they can only be dealt with as individuals. Traditional relationship stereotypes? Forget them.

The only other thing I think is worth pointing out here is that the Uranus-Pluto square is involving Venus in a T square. Venus has a lot to do with relating, and values and sense of worth, and in Cancer that tends to manifest in ways which are nurturing and sensitive. Being opposed by Pluto and squared by Uranus is not comfortable for it here, there’s a lot to cope with, but Venus can do it. Remember, Venusian Ishtar harrowed the underworld and returned, having faced the equivalent of the Babylonian Alien Queen, and been hung dead on a meat hook for three days. Freya survived everything, emerging not just a goddess of sex and battle, but a genius of magick. Venus can do this, and with a trine to Neptune, she has the uncompromising, tenaciously won wisdom that can maybe handle the collective poison of a Neptune square to Saturn. If Neptune in Pisces wants to talk suffering and disillusion, she has already been there, and gone beyond it.

An astrological chart is a game. It’s up to you to play it, for yourself on your own terms, for your enjoyment and fullest benefit.

Babylon, nude female statue (possibly Ishtar?), alabaster, gold, rubies and terracotta – by Sailko (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons


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