Sagittarius Full Moon

The next Full Moon is in about a week, on June 2nd. If the New Moon sowed the seeds of the spiritual currents of the month, the Full Moon should be their culmination in a sense, though you have to be open minded about what that means.

Here is the chart:

Sagittarius Full Moon 2015 full

First let’s look at the Sun, because the Sun holds a lot of the central meaning that’s trying to come through, modified by everything else. The Sun is in mutable Gemini, conjunct Gemini’s ruler, Mercury. So the meaning is very Mercurial, intelligent, connecting. But a conjunction with Mars adds passion and drive, heats things up, speeds up the thinking further, and adds some spice to the mix. What slows things down is a demand from Saturn in Sagittarius which opposes Mercury, needing that quick connection to be tested for longer distance goals, a bigger pattern, an amount of reality checking, though we have to be careful we check against reality, and not just dogma, or received teachings or inhibitions with Saturn in Sagittarius.

The Moon opposition (which of course occurs with every Full Moon) from Sagittarius requires an instinctive adventurousness to realize the potential of the Gemini Sun, and here additionally, the Gemini Mercury and Mars. We need to get into that sense of adventure, and faith in the big picture of life, to take advantage of this Full Moon. And we have back up! The Moon forms part of a grand trine with Jupiter and Uranus, all in fire signs. Expansion, dreams and visions, freedom, possibilities, it’s all there, and it chimes in nicely with that Sun and Mars.

So you see, there is a bit of a split in the Sun conjunction. Sun and Mars on one side, fired up and excited and ready to fly with that Moon in Sagittarius; and Mercury opposed by Saturn on the other side, somewhat muffled and cranked down, for though Saturn is in a fire sign here, Saturn brings in the doubts, the caution, the testing for any lack, the scepticism. Your mind may tell you one thing, and your heart another. The mind shouldn’t be disregarded, but the heart understands this Full Moon better in some ways. But let’s acknowledge here, the Moon – Sun axis (including Mars and Mercury) all gets squared from Neptune in Pisces. You could get lost in this kind of energy and vibe, or get cold feet. In that respect Saturn opposition Mercury provides a corrective, but it can’t run the engine or do the steering entirely; that wouldn’t be its job. Saturn in fact is free of squaring Neptune for the moment*, which should provide us with some relief. At the same time, the Guy with the Sickle is trine Venus in Cancer here, so there is another kind of heart that does agree with the mind in this situation, but square Uranus, it is a feeling but not a highly intuitive heart. There’s a tendency to caution in relating and values which we shouldn’t overdo, because the Sun’s meaning is still central, and the Full Moon is still about possibilities and freedom overall.

Jupiter and Mars sextile each other, which is good for all manner of things, from adventuring and exploration, to sex, to sport, to fighting, to entrepreneurial exploits, and with the Sun involved in Gemini, it is probably more on the light hearted side of things. But both Jupiter and Mars quincunx Pluto, forming a “yod” or “finger of fate”. Things Plutonic, such as power issues, deep personal ownership and control, and the potential for deep transformation, play on Jupiter and Mars in an uncomfortable, awkward way here. They don’t have the vocabulary (in Leo and Gemini) to deal with Pluto’s placement in Capricorn with sufficient weight or impersonal authority, or even the traditional emotional underpinning of a sign like Cancer (which in its own way mirrors the stratified, coercive power of Capricorn), so the relationship can only be worked out in a very individual way. If it can be, then the potential for rich rewards of energy and wealth of one sort or another are considerable.

Black Moon Lilith opposes Chiron, Virgo to Pisces, while Chiron is inconjunct Juno. This is a healing of wounds configuration, in potential, and it has to do with independent sexuality and the body, and how this relates to our committed partnerships. Lilith in Virgo seems to speak of our potential locked up within us, and the knowledge of all we could realize in our deepest fantasies and sexuality made flesh. It’s “what could be, if it weren’t for …….” – society, family, God, Nature, gender, your life story, etc. Chiron is non-healing wounds and the way we rewound ourselves. Pisces is the great, limitless collective, and also the big field of loss, the lives blurred by sheer, impersonal numbers. Pisces is where we could become statistics. So this opposition kinda asks us how we mutilate ourselves and the wholeness of our bodies and sexuality, and for what? What is the power of sexuality, and the bliss of the bodies of our imagination? We all hallucinate our ultimate fulfilment, but are culturally taught to exile it. Why do we fear it, and which fears are grounded, and which are not? Because the fears that are groundless are unlocked doors to our carnal (and deeper emotional) existence. Inconjunct Juno, the asteroid of marriage and spouses and committed relationship – it is only individuals, in complete honesty, that can bring these two areas into relation with each other.

One last thing: Ceres harmoniously aspects the Node axis. Ceres in Aquarius, the Nodes in Libra and Aries. This is to do with nurturing and relationship. How relationships nurture our independence, and our independence in turn nurtures the genuine relationships we can make. Ceres being in Aquarius, the nurturing is as much of the spirit and openness of mind as of anything else.

There’s a fair bit in this Full Moon, quite a bit of potential, for the freeing, the adventurous, and even the ecstatic. There are some contradictory things to take care of, like cautiousness being tested without throwing out the baby with the bath water, or bottling up both. Like emotional care and conservation being balanced with our needs for freedom and deeper fulfilment. Like just honouring all of ourselves. But there is a lot of adventure in this chart, a lot of mutability and fire, a lot of zing, and some deep stuff for those who want to try it.

Have a good Full Moon!


Moon Rise, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by Travel & Shit from Brighton, UK (Moon Rise, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped and digitally adjusted

* Saturn will actually be free of the square to Neptune until about mid September of this year.


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