Gemini New Moon

Not even a week since the last Full Moon, but here I am looking at the next New Moon, in nine days time. I think we’ve had a pretty intense month energy wise, and I’m ready for a nice, restful integration. Let’s see if it might be coming.

Gemini New Moon

Well it sure looks simpler than some of the patterns we’ve seen recently, and I have stuck to the basic planets plus Chiron, to keep it clean. Sun, Moon and Mars are all closely conjunct in Gemini, with no challenging aspects apart from the thorn of a square to Chiron in Pisces. At the same time, the Sun conjunction is harmoniously aspecting Jupiter and Uranus, who are themselves trine to each other. The seed that is sown does carry some kind of healing challenge with it (connected with the experience and valuation of suffering), but its integral structure is harmonious, fortunate and capable of great vision and energy.

Sun, Moon and Mars, being in Gemini, are ruled here by Mercury, which is in its domicile in the same sign. The overall genius of this New Moon is communicative and intelligent, and it has a few influences feeding into it. A harmonious sextile from Venus in Leo gives warmth and grace to it, but just as the Sun complex had a challenge from Chiron in Pisces, Mercury gets a square from Neptune in the mutable water sign. This square sensitizes Mercury and opens it to a great potential range of perception, but it is not so great at transmitting accurate facts. Sometimes we have to choose between poetry and literal, factual truth, or between inner meaning and outer, material realities, because life makes one accessible and the other less so (in this case, the former rather than the latter). That is ok, so long as we know which is which. Confusion here can lead to misrepresentation, distortion of fact, and sensational consequences, but with the correct approach you can get a fine piece of music, rather than (metaphorical) substandard journalism.

This is also highlighted by the opposition to Mercury from Saturn, that requires some reality testing on the part of Mercury, and some kind of communicative ability from Saturn. Saturn’s retrograde introspection and reflectiveness has gone back into Scorpio here, laying off testing the Sagittarian fire and belief, which is a bit of relief, but it shows again that Mercury here, the mental climate of the time, is tuned more inwardly, and is testing for emotional accuracy. This is quietly demanding work, communicating emotional truth. Sometimes it really is ok to say nothing, and search for a true signal to listen to. Mercury does closely and harmoniously aspect the Node axis though, and that gives whatever work Mercury is doing here a good relation to growth challenges and potentials, involving the Libra-Aries axis of relationship and selfhood. I think that’s another indication that if we ease back and let ourselves pay relaxed attention, then we can actually chill now.

The Uranus-Pluto square is still in aspect, and that does continue to give an edge to the chart pattern, which we should really be used to by now. It’s alleviated somewhat by a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, the most transpersonal of planetary combinations, but a harmonious one which has been in place for generations. It’s an aspect that tends to bring about relative liberality in the spiritual and social currents that it conducts. Undercurrents so deep we never notice the ticking of their clock. This last sextile began in the 1940s, it’s with us now, and it will be the 2040s before it is lost to us on this run. That’s the kind of scale of these planets’ interactions. But although this is a relatively benign spiritual and social mass-aspect, you can see that in this chart it grates on the central pattern of the New Moon. We are concerned with different work here, far more individual, and it can’t take too much notice of those mass, social things, if it is to actualize itself. There’s an unplugged quality to this New Moon which is quite restful.

Quiet, personal work. Take the phone off the hook, switch off the news and get away to your own place, where you can think your own thoughts and mull over your own feelings, or the quiet within.

Do not disturb sign by Phrontis (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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