Capricorn Full Moon

When I did a delineation of the New Moon which occurred only four days ago, I noted this could be a time for rest and just unplugging. For me I know I really underestimated the stresses I would need to be unplugging from, but yeah, maximizing rest and disengagement at this time has proved very necessary.

I’m now going to look at the coming Full Moon, as that can maybe tell me more about this process. Between the New Moon that seeds things, and the Full Moon which shows a culmination and acts as a kind of “attractor“, we might get a better picture of the quality of a time.

Here is the chart for the Full Moon:

Capricorn Full Moon

First of all, it’s not till the 2nd July. Secondly, when I first saw this I thought “everyone just keep your heads down and ignore it”. But there are always silver linings. The restful potential of the New Moon came from a harmonious pattern made by Jupiter, Uranus and a Sun-Moon-Mars conjunction, but there was also a potential for undermining trouble from Neptune and Chiron. At the Full Moon everything has slipped round. The same kind of harmonious pattern is there, but this time it is Mercury that is harmoniously combined with the expansiveness and faith of Jupiter, and the freedom and independence of Uranus in Aries. Moreover, Jupiter is joined closely with a gracious but queenly Venus in Leo. There is some good self esteem that can be drawn from this, some solid values of self-worth that back up our independence and orignal insights, our individual positions. There is still a square from Chiron in Pisces to Mercury here, so there are wounds to be aware of, things we shouldn’t mentally re-wound ourselves over, but it’s not the Mars-Chiron square of the New Moon, nothing like as inflamed. Also to note here, Jupiter-Venus is squared by Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. That’s not nice for the regal pair in Leo, but it could be that some emotional perspective and forgiveness is in order. Water signs, feeling, is providing the challenges to the peace of mind and spirit of the chart, so how we handle feelings is key to how much good we do ourselves here.

The backbone of this Full Moon though is Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer, opposed by Pluto conjunct Moon in Capricorn. From my past experience, I’d say that when Pluto opposes something personal, it’s game over in terms of struggle. These are battles that can’t be won, power that can’t be challenged, perceived “injustices” that aren’t even acknowledged. These are circumstances where surrender and letting go are not only crucial, but unavoidable. And when we do surrender, we get deep healing, revitalization, a kind of rebirth. It can happen. The harder the conflict, struggle and dilemma, the more immense is the potential for connecting with your own real source of life and inner power, once you let go.

Mars here (maligned, demonized, indispensable Mars) is almost in an exact T square with the Moon’s Nodes, which means that it squares both the North and the South Nodes. The Nodes are in Aries and Libra here, and the growth potential is at the North Node (Libra), in the area of relationship, others, balance. Note: there’s nothing inherently “good” about these things as compared to the selfhood, spontaneity and independence of Aries, it’s just that the Node polarity is that way round at the moment. The South Node is where we have our “inherent” patterns stored in a sense (if this were a personal birth chart), our already achieved capacities, potentials played out, jobs done. The North Node is where the growth, the new, the potential to come is located. The relation between the two is important for growth and development. In this chart, Mars (which rules the South Node position) is square both ends of this. So how we handle everything that Mars comes down to: fight and flight, struggle, survival, drive, personal will, raw desire, the will to actively live, has what seems like disproportionate consequences loaded on it here, more especially as it is both conjunct our very life  the Sun, and opposed to Pluto.

If such struggles are activated in us during the time of the Full Moon’s influence (which could be taken to be this whole lunation cycle in fact), then these struggles could feel very primal, threatening, and even hopeless. Being faced with these feelings is important though, because how we respond to the spectre of defeat; real, personal, utterly humiliating defeat (I am laying it on thick here) that strikes to the core of us is one of our fundamental life lessons (or skills). Whether this affects you a little or a lot, the answer is surrender, letting go. There are battles you just can’t win, and the ones you notice aren’t the ones that aren’t crucially important to you. The benefits of surrender can be just as crucial. As if to underline this, the soothing aspects to the central oppositions of the chart are provided by Neptune in Pisces, which is practically the archetype of surrender.

So this chart seems to really say that we have to recognize the battles we can’t win (and they will be battles that are genuinely painful for us), and surrender, let go, and also forgive (remember that Scorpio Saturn square). If we do that we can heal some things very deeply, and connect with our inner life and true power.

And doing that, we can go our own way, the real kings and queens of our own freedom.

 detail of photo depicting scene of

detail of photo depicting “the Burghers of Calais” by Julia Margaret Cameron [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Cropped and digitally solarized


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