July New Moon

The new Moon is coming in about 5 days time, so here’s my assessment of it.

New Moon in Cancer

The lunar cycles for me are about choice. At New Moon it is a kind of psychic low tide, as well as a seeding time. We can choose what we seed or don’t, and the low point in the cycle gives us more freedom to do our own thing, do differently, break the supposed rules, make a new start, or simply rest. Full Moon is high tide, and we can be presented with a lot in the mounting wave, but the key is the personal intention that we exercise. A momentary, clear change of mind can change an entire situation for us, and Full Moons are really open to that possibility if we want to do that. New Moons for creative innovation, Full Moons for freeing insight put into practice. That’s one way of seeing them anyway.

This next New Moon shows things moving on, but also reviewing. The Sun and Mars are at last drawing apart, and while they are still close enough to influence each other considerably, they are getting near the limit of the orb of conjunction (which I take at 10 degrees for the Sun or Moon). Sun conjunct Mars is a hot combination which we have been living with since some time in  May, so if things have been volatile for you, spiced up with either anger or desire, irritability or excitement, it could be that this has hit on some of your planets, or you have picked up on it otherwise. This is starting to cool off, but we aren’t out of the kitchen yet. Mars is closely conjunct Mercury here, with both in the water sign of Cancer. Some kinds of communication could be rather defensive and touchy, and patience and listening are quite well advised. Crabs are well defended and while they have those nippy claws, they do sideways shuffle retreats very well too. Shuffle retreats are not to be underestimated.

And then we have oppositions to both Sun-Moon and Mercury-Mars from Pluto in Capricorn. Easy to project on to others in such times, so if something or someone really gets to you, or seems threatening in an irrationally compulsive way, take the opportunity to unplug from the emotional interpretation and see what it might be pointing to in yourself. Pluto opposition Mercury will mine you for self-insights if you are open to the possibility, and non-reactive enough to remain so for long enough.

We are aided in this by some nice aspects from Neptune, Chiron and Saturn. Saturn retrograding through Scorpio trines Sun-Moon, which adds a caution and common sense coming from reflective emotional intelligence. Some of this we will have been through before, at some level. Another trine comes from Chiron, which actually makes a grand trine with Saturn, Sun and Moon. If there is a pattern of emotional wounding (or a pattern which comes from such), then we can stop rewounding ourselves, or gain the insight to understand what the wound is and stop responding from it, rather than  ourselves. Neptune on the other hand trines Mercury and Mars, which can help us to let go of inflamed emotional-mental patterns, so long as we don’t get carried away with our imaginations.

At the same time as all this is going on, Uranus is forming a double T square with Pluto and Mars-Mercury, and Sun-Moon. We are past the exact Uranus-Pluto squares now, but having this lock on here might bring up some of what we should have learned from the Uranus-Pluto squares over the last (almost) 5 years. So it feels a bit like a review again. We might find ourselves using what we have learned more fully, or if we have more to learn about making our dynamic, individual selfhood free and truly well founded (Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn), then we could feel the need to do some work on that. The general advice of this New Moon should help in any case, and don’t panic, this really is the easing end of that long Uranus-Pluto season.

And one last nice point. Uranus is helped in its mission of uninhibited, individual selfhood by trines to Jupiter and Venus, who are conjunct in Leo. If you needed a warmer, more personalized avatar of the Uranus in Aries principle of individuality, then Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo do well as translators and humanizers. Sovereign selfhood, uncomplicated, expressive, generous; but with the touch of Uranus it is original, freedom loving, open minded, more democratic. The square to Saturn in Scorpio insists that everything has an emotional price (or long term reward), but I think that just pushes our regal pair to look to Uranus a little more keenly. Every genius needs a flaw to be truly great, every crystal an “impurity” to give it colour.

In summary – if there’s been a lot of drama in your life since May, it should be starting to cool off now, but patience and listening are still virtues at the moment. If anything or anybody really gets to you, or a situation seems irrationally threatening to you, take a step sideways and see what it might be pointing to in yourself. An old wound, an insecurity, something you could benefit from taking responsibility for, or having greater insight into. Keep letting go of what doesn’t benefit you, whether it’s in your environment, or in your own reactions. You might find yourself called upon to use what you have learned about being yourself during the last five years or so. Make the most of that. Even if you had to learn some tough lessons in the past, you will benefit in the long run, and you are still king or queen of your own personal realm.

Straighten up that crown – it’s all ok.

Still-Life with Symbols of the Virgin Mary by Dirck de Bray (circa 1635–1694) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons - digitally altered

Still-Life with Symbols of the Virgin Mary by Dirck de Bray (circa 1635–1694) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons – digitally altered

12th July 2015: second paragraph edited.


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