pausing to listen

The next Full Moon is in 4 days time – here is the chart:

Aquarius Full Moon

Incidentally, I always draw up these charts for where I live, so the house positions, ascendant etc would be different for a different location, which is why I don’t include house positions or the angles in these interpretations. It just seems more natural to me to have houses than to have a blank chart always starting at 0° Aries.

Oppositions tend to require taking back projections and balancing out in some sense, and every Full Moon is based around an opposition of the Sun and Moon. Maybe that’s why feelings tend to run high and thick in us or others at Full Moon (Moon governing feeling responses), or we have a tendency to sometimes feel overwhelmed or vulnerable to a loss of self (Sun) amidst the turbulence. But they can be really beautiful times also, and they are always amenable to the making of positive intention (Sun). At their best I think oppositions embody the possibility of self and others reflecting each other positively, without abdicating parts of ourselves.

Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Leo, so the mental vibe has a quite self-identified flavour to it, not a lot of space between “me” and “my way of seeing things”. The balance is (potentially) provided by Moon in Aquarius, which has a much cooler, more dispassionate and impersonal take on things emotionally. So if one or other end of this isn’t just projected onto others, there is potential for a genuinely intuitive window, giving the self-involvement of Leo pause to see broadly and clearly.

Significantly different energies do tug on the Mercury-Sun conjunction though. A trine from Saturn to the Sun gives a caution and conservatism to the Sun; a little less high energy, a bit more planning and circumspection. Mercury on the other hand has a trine from Uranus, which makes thinking more unusual and adventurous (and more amenable to that Aquarian Moon). So the outer planets here help to ease the Sun and Mercury apart, and give a little more space to the communicative faculty we base our world view on. Pause and listen; new ways of seeing things could come through.

Saturn and Uranus inform the polarity that drives this Full Moon in fact. Structure and freedom, discipline and spontaneity, tradition and innovation, caution versus adventure. With Saturn in a water sign, the caution, and the things that structure and circumspection guard against are emotional; thus it is very controlling. Uranus on the other hand is in fire: life, impetus, spirit, expression. Just as they both feed into the Sun-Mercury conjunction, they also feed into the Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, though in even more contrasting ways.

While Jupiter is still travelling through Leo at Full Moon, Venus will have gone into the mutable earth sign of Virgo, and started travelling backwards again. With Venus inward looking and integrative, the conjunction with Jupiter focusses on values in a way which needs meaning and usefulness, not just enjoyment. The squares to Saturn demand standards and emotional honesty, while the trines to Uranus give alternative routes to fulfilling the grand appetites of Venus-Jupiter. The feel is not exactly ascetic, but the need for more that accompanies Venus-Jupiter (souped up by Uranus) has a clear, calculated condition applied by Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. There’s an itch for expansive values, but they have to be meaningful, and they have to last.

And the other thing that Saturn and Uranus are driving here is irritable, motivating, desirous Mars in defensive Cancer. Mars in Cancer is very protective, and the square from Uranus could make this a bit jumpy, with maybe a tendency to fall back on ingrained emotional reflexes. Mars has however separated from the Sun by Full Moon, so there’s a bit of pressure taken off there. Saturn to the rescue though! What is going to soothe a spooked Mars in Cancer being challenged by reckless, don’t-give-a-fuck-about-your-tradition-or-your-feelings Uranus in Aries? Saturn, our all purpose antidote to any transpersonal planet, in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. This lets Mars put the internal brakes on without grinding the gears, and not get so “button pushed”; secure in the capacity to say “no”, on the basis of emotional experience.

Chiron in fact makes a water grand trine with Mars and Saturn. Old wounds that don’t need to be opened again.

In short, the Full Moon can give us a window on intuition and a less self-involved way of seeing things. We just need to give it a chance and listen. There’s a certain caution in the air, a need for finding lasting values and meaning in the things we enjoy, but we could find new ways of doing that! If things push your buttons and make you mad, use it as a guide to what patterns could do with healing. That calming caution could come in handy. Don’t get mad, get wise – you’ll get to walk away in greater possession of yourself. The emotional wounds we don’t re-open are the wounds we don’t continue to suffer.

Giant horn loudspeaker at Berlin Radio Exhibition – Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-08307 / CC-BY-SA [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (, via Wikimedia Commons


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