Epagomenal Day 3 : The Day of One with the Powerful Heart, Son of Shu Who is in His Nest

Shadows of the Sun

Set CrownedMy sterling Set amulet. He is depicted wearing the Sekhemti crown, royal regalia symbolizing orderly lordship over the Two Lands.

According to the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, the 31st of July, 2015, is the third of the five “Days Outside of Time” which precede Wep Ronpet, the New Year, which this year falls on the 3rd of August, 2015 on the Gregorian calendar. This is the occasion which marks the birth of the God Set, following the previous two days commemorating the births of His brothers Wesir and Heru-Wer, respectively.

A prayer to be said on this day, with the lighting of a candle (green or white):

“O Set, Son of Nut, Great of Strength: Protect Your companions with Your arms! I am the Son of Your Son.


Now, I had intended to post the following separately and a great deal earlier in this past Kemetic year. Unfortunately…

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