On UK Satanic ritual abuse hoax

ah yes, people still pull this stuff, either for their own ends, or as part of their mental health problems (or both)


Late in 2014 during a custody dispute over two children, the mother and her new boyfriend coached the children using drugs, physical and emotional abuse, to make claims of Satanic ritual abuse and murder against the father, teachers, social workers, police, priests, students, parents and businesses in the Hampstead area of London.  The case resulted in a high profile court case and widespread reporting in the UK media, with lurid allegations of schools dedicating their wednesdays to sex orgies between adults and their pupils, baby meat sold at McDonalds with fries, babies delivered by Fedex to be converted into shoes for upmarket local shoe shops.  An unnamed cult of Satanists were alleged to be running the whole enterprise, and amazingly the Order of Nine Angles was considered too tame to be worthy of being considered for inclusion in the fantasy.

Enter every crazy Christian evangelist and conspiracy nutjob in Britain…

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