Hermits and lion paws

Today was the New Moon (the vanishing point) in the big cat sign. Here is the chart:

Leo New MoonIt’s a clean looking chart, and the overall feel is quite peaceful and introspective. Rather as if the train had coasted to a halt in the station, it feels as if we have come quietly to a destination, and the passengers will disembark to go on their journeys by different means.

Jupiter has left Leo, where it had been for over a year. Hopefully we benefitted from its benediction in a suitably royal sign, with its capacity for generosity and good old fashioned ego, especially with an enlightening trine from Uranus at times, adding some originality and breadth of vision. But it wasn’t an entirely easy journey; with things like the square from Saturn (which is still in place), there were restrictions on Jupiter that didn’t sit well. Jupiter was out of joint with the state of the world somehow, and that meant its party had to be a lot more private that it would have liked, and its visions needed to be of future or foreign possibilities. In a palace with the curtains half draw, surfing the internet and playing video games.

In Virgo, Jupiter feels a lot more incognito somehow, and relieved. It is cooler, the heat is off, and Saturn’s square from Scorpio just doesn’t hold the same way it did when we were in Leo. Virgo is mutable earth, and it is one step ahead, and a step far enough behind the scenes for Scorpio’s emotional search light to not pick it out. No need to draw the curtains, for Jupiter is now a hermit travelling through town and country, gathering herbs and lore, and the means of healing. Jupiter is a healing planet. As if to elucidate that, there is an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune-Jupiter combinations have classic healing potentials, in this case requiring a balancing of the two, a taking back of what we project, in order to actualize it. So we can’t be so enamoured of the appetite for detail (Jupiter Virgo) that we forget the big, big picture of the limitless, and the suffering entailed in being born into all this. And we can’t be so lost in the big picture, or the ubiquity of suffering (or meaninglessness) that we forget to make sense of life in all its details, and do something useful about it. The Square from Saturn in Scorpio just nudges us with the need to make things last and endure, but it’s secondary to the Jupiter-Neptune work, it’s really not news.

Mercury is also in Virgo now, where it functions very nicely, but it likewise has an opposition from Neptune. So we need to bring some openness to imagination and poetry to our thinking, but also be able to apply critical thinking in its place, to not be overly subject to distortion of information, or deceptive communication. This is a very archetypal opposition, as both planets rule the signs they are in, and are acting according to type. Ask for clarity, check the details, but recognize the place of the non-rational, because it is inevitably pretty huge in life. Mercury in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces is a bit like land reclamation from the sea, Fenland. With work you can get a wonderful place, but without work you get subsiding marshland falling back into water. Pluto aids this here though, harmoniously aspecting both ends of the opposition. The trine to Mercury especially gives a potential depth and penetration of perception, and an openness to what lies beneath the irrational. That definitely helps Mercury reclaim land, and maybe some treasure into the bargain.

Mars is still in Leo, which ought to give a fiery, determined quality to energy, but a trine from Saturn dampens this down with some caution and steadiness, which makes achieving concrete goals somewhat more likely, though Mars would prefer Saturn to be in Sagittarius to really lend a hand. To add to this dampening effect, Saturn is squaring Sun, Moon and Venus, all also in Leo. Sun-Moon conjunct Venus should give a gracious, creative and caring vibe, though Venus retrograde makes it more of an internalized sense of values, but with Saturn squaring them, the energy is liable to actually be a little muted or low, and the brakes get put on the enthusiasm somewhat. With Saturn everything is tested, and in Scorpio quite keenly, and Sun-Moon-Venus in Leo are not wanting a kill joy to pull the plug on the jukebox. But rules is rules. Uranus to the rescue though, as it trines our bright trio from Aries, so there will be some ingenious ways round things, and unusual, eccentric and freeing tastes cannot be denied, even by Saturn. Fun will be had, even if it is unusual fun, and needs a little planning to get around. And even if they are travelling in opposite directions, Jupiter and Venus are still just about conjunct; an introspective retrograde Venus in Leo, and a Virgoan Jupiter disappearing into the country.

Also of note here, Sun-Moon is inconjunct Chiron, which also brings in a healing theme, or at least a need for one, though it would take a very individual approach to find it. There’s a bit of a buried thorn there, that could do with removing from the feline paw. But Jupiter’s journey through Virgo, accompanied by Neptune on the other side of the chart is already right in that territory, incognito, wrapped in humbler garb, following in the footsteps of Nature, looking for a divine science.

The train pulls away from the station, and all is left quiet over field and forest and town, as peace descends again.

“Theosophie & Alchemie” by Leonhardt Thurneysser zum Thurn [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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