Virgo Sun 2015

For some time now I’ve been doing astrological time profiles for New and Full Moons, and I found these interesting to do, and useful for myself. I’m now thinking of doing profiles for the passage of the Sun through signs, such as the present one of Virgo. This gives more of a sense of movement and progression, and allows bigger patterns to be picked out more easily.

In preparing the material for this, I’ve looked at the noon charts for each week, and eliminated all the lunar aspects, plus the constant Neptune-Pluto sextile which a lot of us have lived with all our lives. Neptune-Pluto is too slow and constant to worry about here, while the Moon is too quick and mutable, as during a Sun sign it will be everywhere in the chart, and make every possible aspect with every point. So from the point of view of picking out pattern we can forget the Moon as well. So here are the charts.

Virgo 1aWell hello Jupiter! The big guy has preceded the Sun into Virgo, and as he spends over a year in a sign, this is significant for us mere mortals. The change from Leo to Virgo is a big one, and going into Virgo takes the heat off Jupiter and lets him get on with some more useful work, with more of a focus on integration and the potential for healing. I say “take the heat off” because Jupiter has been  troubled by squares from Saturn for some time, putting a downer on his party in Leo, but in Virgo it is a lot more easy for Jupiter to accommodate the challenges of Saturn, listen to them and answer them constructively. It might be a bit different once Saturn moves back into Sagittarius, but Virgo is still a placement with a lot of interesting potential for Jupiter, so we should take advantage of that over the next year and a bit.

If we were thinking of healing, that is also pointed to by the opposition of Neptune to Jupiter, as Jupiter-Neptune is a classic healing combination, though with a lowest common denominator option of delusional pipe dreams. With imagination, and openness to what inspires us, without letting go of the common sense, critical faculty of Virgo, we can go a long way with some kind of healing endeavour, however small. In fact particulars are good here. Jupiter has no shortage of faith, but Virgo needs application and method, and quiet testing. With balance and moderation it could add to our store of practical knowledge for well being. And everything we say of Jupiter here applies to the Sun also, which begins its month in company with the big planet. It’s an auspicious combination, and we should take advantage of it.

You’ll notice as well that Venus and Mars are conjunct in romantic Leo, with the former trined by unconventional Uranus, who is still on the tail end of chewing the historical fat with Pluto in Capricorn. Online adultery websites may be getting hacked by zealous puritans (who might be having some trouble working out which end of that Uranus-Pluto square they are on), but Venus and Mars are always a bit of an unreconstructed hot house, even with some cool playing from Uranus in Aries. In fact in Aries, Uranus is going to be pretty hot too. Not a bad time to think about what you want from romance, and why, but do remember that small minds come in all shapes and sizes.

Next week:

Virgo 2aBy the next week, all the above still holds, but with a few adjustments. The Sun has got to the point of trining Pluto, so there is extra resources and resourcefulness for revitalization, rejuvenation, and also maybe a chance to purge what we don’t need, selectively. Mercury meanwhile has moved into airy, considerate but sometimes indecisive Libra, overtaking the North Node and running straight into a square with Pluto. We might not be getting all the information we think we should, or there could be a bit of a compulsive feel to conjecture. Maybe beware low flying conspiracy theorists. We know the truth is out there, but we might rather believe our fears. Anyway, something is a bit blocked in communication or information, so remember to just relax. Mars meanwhile has got even closer to Venus, and is joining in that Uranian trine in Leo. Be kinky, be proud! Or at least quirky, but do remember to laugh. You have to make up for all the people who don’t.

Next week:

Virgo 3aReally as for week 2, but Jupiter is now also trine Pluto (while the Sun and Jupiter are still conjunct). This is a powerful aspect with scope for bringing wealth out of the hidden (whether physical, financial or psychological), but also for some kinds of social reform concerned with the combination of power, belief and ideals. With the trine this should be somewhat more easy going, liberal and smooth to accomplish, so again, it’s quite a nice indication for the time. Saturn, on the last rerun of the end of Scorpio will be making sure that every last emotional account is settled though, which is ok; it should leave us freer.

Next week:

Virgo 4a

And now the Sun separates from Jupiter, so take advantage of their bright pairing from the end of August to mid-September. Again, most of the rest is still in place, but a little adjusted: Mars, while still in hot formation with Venus and Uranus, gets the brakes slapped on by Saturn in Scorpio. That could cut down energy a bit, and is really not to the taste of romance or enjoyable expression. A square from Saturn in Scorpio here is a bit like the message “better be safe than sorry, or you’ll die”. Which is using a steam roller to crack a nut (damn those moral hysterics). Translated into sanity, it means drive sensibly and think ahead just a bit (and it’ll feel better when Saturn goes back into Sagittarius).

And then we have Mercury, which is not only dealing with Pluto, trying to blithely not be as compulsive at it feels, but has run into the whole Uranus-Pluto square, as it now opposes Mr Freak. I think this is a rather polarizing pattern; Mercury in Libra is very people and relationship minded, and while it will certainly try to make everything ok (at least on the surface), it will call the cops. Uranus in Aries is the archetypal, too-much-to-handle individual, and Pluto in Capricorn is (amongst other things) the cops. So what I pick up here is just a sensitization to issues of individual verses society, citizen versus outsider or the perceivably aberrant. Everyone just calm down. It’s just the weather. What takes off the pressure is Venus, that lends our freak some grace, and gives the neighbourhood watch some nice DVDs to watch instead, or better still, some love to put perspective back in life. Some entertainment wouldn’t go amiss.

Last week:

Virgo 5a

As the Sun nears the end of Virgo: Mars separates from Venus and Uranus, so energy is further muted maybe, but Saturn has finally gone into Sagittarius, which is more comfortable for Mars in Leo, like the brakes are on but at least there is more basic understanding between the impetus to go and the impetus to slow down. Also Saturn has stopped squaring Jupiter, so Jupiter can more freely settle on its work in Virgo, which is still strongly influenced by the healing vibe of its Neptune opposition, and the transformative mining exercise of its trine to Pluto. The opposition to Neptune is the deepest challenge that Jupiter faces, but given the requisite work, they are a wonderful combination. But look what else has happened! Saturn has let go of squaring Jupiter, only to re-engage its old square to Neptune. I associate this aspect with an atmosphere of disillusionment in some ways, involving things such a religious authority, or authority of law, and experiences of abuse of such. Across the Sagittarius-Pisces angle I would think this could be quite archetypal, and we have already met this aspect during the first half of this year (starting November 2014 in fact, with a break after last May). Jupiter in Virgo, aided by Pluto, has some deep and detailed work to do there.

In summary:

This year the Sun and Jupiter enter Virgo, one on the heels of the other, and spend some quality time together there. There is a focus on integration and healing with Jupiter here, and the Sun adds further auspiciousness to it. We should take advantage of Jupiter’s journey through Virgo over the next year and a bit, and of its pairing with the Sun before mid September. Imagination and inspiration needs to be balanced with common sense and attention to detail, to bring out the best of the combination of Jupiter and Neptune. By early September Pluto brings in a chance for revitalization and rejuvenation, and finding some rich rewards with the right work. It might also be a good time to purge what we don’t need anymore.

Venus and Mars are conjoined until about the third week of September, and get loosened up by Uranus, so this is good for romance – just be careful of small minded people.

After mid-September, the Sun and Jupiter separate, and Mars gets the brakes put on my Saturn, cutting down energy a bit, and advising us to think ahead and take a little care with our personal exploits.

A slightly compulsive, edgy atmosphere might build up through some of September, so remember to enjoy yourself, appreciate some art or entertainment, or focus on the beauty and affection in your life; you’ll be fine.

At the End of the Sun sign month the energy may still be muted, but something will shift with Saturn going into Sagittarius. Our personal healing and integration projects should get freer, but there might be a bit more of a sense of disillusionment with authority floating about. We have plenty of resources for some deep and detailed work for our own well being though.

Celebrate Jupiter’s journey into Virgo, and prepare for some good work.

Woodcut depicting ancient herbalists and scholars by Wellcome Images [CC BY 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



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