Libra Sun 2015

On 23rd September (UT) the Sun will go into the next sign of Libra, so let’s have a look at its time there. As with previous month reviews, I’ll be discarding lunar aspects, and the Neptune-Pluto sextile as too transient, or too slow moving to really be relevant to a monthly picture. Broad brush strokes, for a better idea of movement. This is of course just one impression of it.

Libra1aLibra is a cardinal sign, and anything going through a cardinal sign in recent years gets to hook in or hit off the Uranus-Pluto square which has been one of the “era defining” aspects of recent years. That loaded (though now really quite late) aspect thus breaks into visibility during this solar month.

We’ll remember from last month that Jupiter has gone into Virgo, got free of its square to Saturn, and is opposing Neptune and trining Pluto. If we can balance both ends of that Jupiter-Neptune opposition, then there is good scope for healing, transformation of deep issues (whether they are psychological or social) and productive use of resources locked up in established structures. But the balance needs to be there, with Jupiter dedicating its noble purposes to detailed, practical work, and Neptune offering the compassionate vision and empathy. There’s good potential, so it needn’t drain away into empty actions or vague good intentions, or alternatively stall on the details. Saturn squares Neptune though, and does offer some challenges.

Saturn is now in Sagittarius for the duration, so you could say that Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius colour the next year and a bit (longer for Saturn in Sagittarius). That’s a pretty skeptical, doubting position for Saturn, thus there is a clash with Neptune in Pisces’ emotionalism and boundlessness. But help is at hand from the Sun at the beginning of the month, which sextiles Saturn, as does the North Node. The bridging and balancing of the Libra principle is key here and offers a road to wisdom. Relationship, etiquette, grace, manners, negotiation, diplomacy. Conversely the sextile from Saturn gives a certain caution of spirit to the start of the sign, though its square to Mars puts the brakes on the drive and energy which is trying to find useful application, maybe a little frustratingly, giving rise to some irritation. The beneficial influence of the Sun in Libra helps though.

What is locked into the Uranus-Pluto square right at the beginning of the month is Mercury in mid-Libra, forming a T square. This has been in place since mid-September, and I think it puts a strain on communication and information, adding a bit of a compulsive, potentially paranoid edge to the way the world feels. Mercury in Libra is very social, and potentially very graceful, but more pushy than it looks. We need to maybe beware of interest in business which really isn’t ours, especially if it involves judgement, or indeed thinking that we are being judged. With Uranus-Pluto being such social heavy weights, that includes groups of people. With Uranus square Pluto, if you think in terms of good guys and bad guys, you’ll find yourself either confused, or maybe unpleasantly surprised. Semi-squares to a fiery Mars and Saturn only add to that. Relief from this pattern comes from Jupiter’s engagement in its practical healing, compassion and regeneration work with Neptune and Pluto, and a kooky, independent trine between Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries. That’s good, as it opens up values to a broader, more original view. Maintain a sense of individuality and fun and it will come in useful.

Week 2:

Libra2aBy week 2 some of the pressure has been taken off that Mercury. It has conjuncted the Sun and is still heading backwards, free of challenge from Uranus, but still squared by Pluto. Mercury-Pluto combinations have a nose for hidden information, but with the square it is a bit compulsive. The involvement of the Sun only adds to this, making the subject of compulsions seem that much more threatening or vital. Retrograding here, Mercury could be good for looking into the self though, searching out the “problems” that hide hidden treasure. The sextile from Saturn adds a stabilising influence.

Another thing that has changed here is that Mars has moved from Leo into Virgo, where it will be till mid-November. Here it conjoins Jupiter, so there is added energy to Jupiter’s work, though the combination is a bit gung-ho for Virgo, and there are some concerns here that this train could go off the tracks too easily, for Mars and Jupiter join in a double T square with Saturn and Neptune. If Jupiter-Neptune is (to some extent) inherently concerned with healing and spirituality, Mars-Neptune tends more towards glamour and romanticized passion, which can be anything from sports to crusades to sacralised sexuality, to a great appetite for intoxicants. There is definitely scope for confusion of goals and dissipation of drive and energy in any case, and with Jupiter included, everything gets magnified and blown up. Saturn puts the brakes on things and demands sense, but it might also demand an over-fixed meaning. This is a pattern which makes it too easy for people to imagine saints and monsters, so be highly sceptical of such impressions. Even Venus gets slapped with a Saturn square here, balancing out the open minded values of the Uranus trine with a more cautious, conservative vibe.

Funnily enough the help here comes from Pluto, specifically the trine to Jupiter. So the introspective work of Mercury also helps here (if successful).  The harmonious combination of Jupiter and Pluto, in earth signs, gives an underlying sense of security that has both a sense of solidity and faith to it, running like a vein of rock and mineral though a swampy terrain.

Week 3:

Libra3aThe rest of the Sun sign month is a process of the pattern coming into tighter formation, but with a swap between the Sun and Mercury.

By week 3 Venus has moved into opposition with Neptune, which maybe adds a greater love of peace to the picture (and with Neptune in Pisces, maybe sensitivity to suffering), but the square to Saturn demands realism. It’s not a comfortable pattern, and we’ve lost the freeing trine to Uranus that opened up the values of the time, the “taste” of it. There’s a great potential for some kind of disillusion. More productively, it could be channelled into some kind of art or music, but if it seems like it’s getting played out externally or socially, it’s probably better to just stand back and breathe. Especially with Mars-Jupiter involved in the pattern, take a rain check. But on the positive side, Mars now trines Pluto, which gives good potential for regeneration of energy and drive. If you take the clearest part of this pattern, the Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto part, that gives a kind of “true north”. Healing, compassion, regeneration. As if to highlight the healing theme, Chiron now opposes Mars and Jupiter. Chiron has a lot to do with how we rewound ourselves, so there is a good deal to be learnt from letting go and not doing, as much as doing. Perpetuating painful patterns can carry its own glamour.

Meanwhile the Sun has moved into T square with Uranus and Pluto. A very clean, uncluttered T square, it highlights the Uranus-Pluto square for a week or two, reminding us we’re not out of it yet. Themes of testing the kind of stuff that came out of the mid-60s social upheaval, connected with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of that time. Especially presently the clash between things like corporate power and individual freedom, and the mish mash of contrasts between ideologies and realities in practice; just a bit of extra light shone on all that jazz. The way this one is set up, there is a need to gee up our assimilation of new and liberating impulses, and still come to terms with what’s rumbling in the basement of our psyches and societies. Mercury has incidentally turned direct here, which some people find helps outward communication and connection.

Week 4:

Libra4aBy week 4 things are mainly just tightening up more, with an added dose of Pluto thrown in. Mars and Jupiter are more closely fused, but joined by Venus (having gone from Leo to Virgo), which now also trines Pluto, and in fact it is now Venus that holds the T square with Saturn and Neptune, Mars-Jupiter having got free of Saturn. Hopefully that will allow the healing work of Jupiter to progress better. Venus gets help from that Pluto, and also from the conjunction with Mars-Jupiter. There could be romance in the air with Venus and Mars joined, or disillusion with all that Neptune, plus the constrictions of Saturn on Venus, but there is scope for passion of some sort, and the Pluto trines give a good grasp on the goods in some sense or other. It is potentially just a little bit flinty and mercenary in feel, but it really all hinges on that Jupiter doing the heart expanding work. Jupiter-Neptune remains the (sometimes elusive) backbone of the chart.

The Sun maintains the Uranus-Pluto T square, as in the week before.

Last week:

Libra5aFor our last week, it’s as if the strings just got tuned a little more purely. Mars overtakes Jupiter and begins its separation from the big guy, while they and Venus all remain conjoined opposite Neptune. Saturn has meanwhile finished squaring any of them. The Saturn square to Neptune is still in place of course, but the release of the other end of the multiple oppositions leaves them free to work out their business with the imaginative and ideal world of Neptune in greater peace, aided by the rock of Pluto in Capricorn. Chiron now also opposes Venus, as well as Jupiter and Mars. Plenty of work for them to focus on the details of in Virgo.

Mercury has now taken up the T square with Uranus-Pluto again, so there is a need to chill on mental compulsions and projections if present, to step back, but all those trines from the Jupiter conjunctions make the healing work helpful there.

And then along comes the Sun, on the way out of Libra, trining Neptune. A gracious, dreamy blessing from the very end of Libra, to help bring some music out of a quite challenging month.


We will find the Uranus-Pluto square highlighted this month, as the Sun passes through a cardinal sign. The Jupiter-Neptune opposition remains key to the time, along with the trine from Jupiter to Pluto. If we can balance both ends of the opposition, then there is good scope for healing, transformation and use of established resources. Detailed, practical work, balanced with compassionate vision and empathy are stressed.

At the beginning of the month especially, relationship, etiquette, grace, manners, negotiation, diplomacy offer good opportunities for growth.

Communication and flow of information might be strained at the beginning and end of the Libra month though. Beware of judgemental thinking. Avoid thinking in terms of good guys and bad guys.

As the month progresses we might be able to uncover hidden treasure behind things that seem like problems. As Mars joins Jupiter in Virgo, there could be added energy, but there is also scope for confusion and mad cap quests getting blown up and going nowhere. Jupiter’s trine to Pluto does give some solidity and security though throughout. The Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto arrangement gives us our “true north” in healing, compassion and regeneration.

About week 3 the Sun moves into T square with Uranus and Pluto, and highlights the themes of the Uranus-Pluto square for a week or two.

By the end of the Libra Sun month Jupiter, Mars and Venus are free to do their refining work with the imaginative and ideal world of Neptune, leaving the Sun to add a gracious combination with Neptune before leaving Libra.


23rd September Sun enters Libra
24th September Sun conjunct North Node
Mercury square Pluto
Pluto turns direct
25th September Mars enters Virgo
26th September Mars square Saturn
30th September Sun conjunct Mercury
6th October Sun square Pluto
7th October Mars opposition Neptune
10th October Mercury turns direct
11th October Jupiter trine Pluto
12th October Sun opposition Uranus
16th October Mars trine Pluto
17th October Venus opposition Neptune
Mars conjunct Jupiter
22nd October Mercury square Pluto
23rd October Venus trine Pluto
Mars opposition Chiron

aspects shown are exact on that day by UT.


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