my approach to astrology

I just finished writing my run down of this year’s Sun in Scorpio, and that should be out around the 21st. This is the third of these that I have done, and it got me thinking about how I approach astrology.

You see different approaches in books and on the internet, some esoteric and “spiritual”, some psychological, some more old fashioned and “traditional”. I view astrology as a subset of divination, as I consider it strongly dependent upon “intuition”, and when I do charts for individuals it is basically a “reading”.

The validity and accuracy of astrology is subjective, personal and heavily dependent upon “observer effect” (and the intuitive relationship between reader and read for where there is a personal consultation), but in the way of things displaying synchronicity, it works for those who participate in it. In other words people find it meaningful and useful, because it is helping them engage with themselves and their world in a way which is personally meaningful to them. It’s not science, but it is a kind of art, a miniature theatre of the imagination, that reflects the unacknowledged importance of the imaginal and the ambiguous in our human functioning.

In doing run downs of periods of time I am trying to give an astrological picture or impression of the movement within time, as imaged in the heavens as seen from Earth. But to what end?

For me, as a Satanist, it is not appropriate to put forward developed esoteric theorizing, and not what I am interested in. Such schemes are generally either based upon, or stand ins for, a “God” that governs a Universe, complete with “karma”, moral laws and such like. I feel no need for such a “God” or “Creator”, and find such accounts and philosophies largely fictional and concerned with human behaviour and its shaping, but that suits some people and works for them. I’m not about to put that forward myself though. I know we largely make up things as we go along as human beings, and I appreciate our creativity, if not our faith in all our Frankensteins. Magick, on the other hand, I love.

For these reasons I try to keep my “forecasts” neutral in terms of teaching, so people may find their own philosophical meaning. Astrology itself does have a philosophical texture though, and some of that is bound to come out, simply due to its structure.

What I try to do with my run downs is give impressions and views of patterns, and what they could feel like, what they generally are taken to indicate as I understand, with the view that what you know is easier to either avoid or use for yourself. There is no moral to it, beyond what you perceive through your own inquiry, reflection and personal choice.

And if nothing else, I hope they may be enjoyable or entertaining, but if you get more out of them I am gratified.

Heritage Square Weather Station by Xnatedawgx (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

8th October 2015: post edited without overall change of meaning.

11th October 2015: that astrology works for those who practice and use it is one of the things that puts it in the area of magic and divination for me. Rationally it is a mystery – experientially it is a wonderful tool.


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