bitter chocolate Moon

Wolves and Roses

It’s dark of the Moon today – actually quite a lot of harmonious and rich energy, though it might not entirely feel like it. Sun and Moon are at the middle of a nice formation with Jupiter and Pluto. Maybe the New Moon is a good time for the riches of Jupiter and Pluto to start to be brought to consciousness? A fertile seed, sown in the dark maybe. You can see the chart here.

The major tensions are things we should be pretty used to by now; that Uranus-Pluto square, and that Saturn-Neptune square (in my more weary moments I name them “Switch Blade” and “Old Poison”). The tensions we’re more likely to feel right now are from the quincunxes to Uranus from Sun/Moon and Jupiter, which actually form a double yod. So Uranus in Aries is a bit of an irritant here, a disquiet, a “just can’t…

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