Sagittarius Sun 2015

The Sun goes into Sagittarius on 22nd November this year, so here is a view of the time.


Sagittarius is a wide ranging, far sighted sign, fire taken up by the big picture, the search for meaning and adventure, the horizon that beckons. Until the end of 2017 Saturn is in this sign though, which is an interesting combination; expansion within a constricted environment (like the internal force of a combustion engine), doubt taken to its limits, the testing of faith and benevolence, the light in the darkness, the space and freedom found in a limited world. The work of expanding vision.

The first half of Saturn’s passage through Sagittarius is further dominated by its square to Neptune in Pisces, which really deserves its own post. There’s a lot about the ubiquitous experience of suffering there though, and what that means to us, in our attempts to make sense of the world. I tend to think that Neptune in Pisces has a connection to mass disillusionment, and attempts to put right or alleviate suffering in quite basic, material ways – something of a reflex through Virgo there, but based on a Piscean sensibility.

The Sun, in going through Sagittarius, picks up on this, and will probably make it somewhat more conscious. In fact it is conjunct Saturn until around mid December.

The dominant pattern for most of the Sun sign month is a T square involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto (at its most intense in the week of 7th -14th December), which is a very pressured pattern that could blow off some serious steam, though it does occur with fair regularity* during the long lasting Uranus-Pluto square. The Uranus-Pluto square doesn’t require much introduction by now to folks who follow astrology, but it is a highly social aspect, testing social structures and values in ways that cut deep into our personal lives, but also have mass effects and collective visibility. It has accompanied the progression of the recession and its social effects, and the imposition (and questioning) of “austerity” for instance. This, in combination with the Saturn-Neptune square, makes for a lot of unanswered questions surging through the veins of quite a few societies. Mars clicking into place here may trigger something, or inflame some awareness or situation, but exactly what is difficult to say.  We don’t really understand how these synchronicities unfold. A Mars transit is a passing moment in the big picture, but Mars is a much underestimated stimulus to growth, destruction and transformation (it is the old ruler of Scorpio), so it is worth watching and studying. It might be one thing, it might be a rhythm beaten out over years.

As we noticed last month, the North Node has gone into Virgo, which is something of a sea change in where the growth and stagnation lies in the time. The growth potential is tending to lie with Virgo, in the areas of integration, service, assimilation, sorting and sifting, inward folding towards an authentic truth that we may live from. Jupiter is also here (until next September), and will be in technical conjunction with the Node after the middle of December or so. In any case, Jupiter is a good lodestone, ruling the Sun and Saturn by sign placement, while maintaining its trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is the engine behind Sagittarius’ adventure and mission, and in practical Virgo he has a good head for steering a demanding Saturn in Sagittarius, while Pluto in Capricorn gives the resources to back up the work.

Chiron continues to provide a challenge from Pisces though, the area where the South Node is also positioned, the place of old work, habits, ingrained skills and behaviour that would lead to stagnation if we (or the world, because this isn’t a personal chart) just went back to it. Chiron opposition Jupiter is a wounded Jupiter, and Jupiter isn’t meant to be wounded. It’s like finding out too young that Santa doesn’t exist, that Daddy is only human, or that you’ll never be good enough to realize your dreams. In a way this is telling us to believe again, but through work, taking small steps that lead back to Jupiter’s dignity and warmth and understanding of possibility. Jupiter in Virgo says no to the Blue Meanies, because it knows what to do, and it knows that was then, and this is my turn with a bit more wisdom.

And that is necessary because Neptune, who can be wonderful, but can also be the biggest Blue Meany of all, is quite negative throughout this month, and you don’t want to have to go listening to that.

Now here’s the long version:

If you look at chart 1 you’ll see the beginning of the Sun sign month.

Right at the beginning, there’s that hard working Sun-Mercury-Saturn combination in Sagittarius, and there’s that (potentially) negative Neptune. Just as at the end of last month, Sagittarian map making and Saturnian caution help to fend off the confusion of negative Neptune. It won’t account for everything (it can’t), but it can keep things manageable. Help comes from Mars in Libra, giving some motive push, and a bit of space, air for the slow burning fire, though with a square to Pluto, Mars may add a compulsive sense of survival to that motivation. Jupiter keeps on chugging away with that trine to Pluto, as it does through the whole month again, but that Chiron hurts from over in Pisces. Just remember, the North Node is over in Virgo, not in Pisces with Chiron, so Jupiter gets the thumbs up for any work you put in on restoring your faith, so long as it is practical.

Also as with the end of last month, Venus is embroiled in a T square with Uranus and Pluto. That is probably priming some dissatisfaction at the collective level for when Mars triggers things later in the month. There’s a need for both space and intensity in this combination, so stepping back is quite a good option if in doubt. Venus is about to step away from the stage of Uranus-Pluto soon in any case.

Looking at the chart for week 2:

The aforementioned Mars-Uranus-Pluto T square has engaged, and will remain in place for the rest of the Sun sign month. This could be a flash point, and it certainly gives a greater motive push, quite possibly around issues of justice or “fairness” with Mars in Libra opposite Uranus, but note that the Sun-Saturn-Mercury conjunction has moved into trine with Uranus, so the work that Sun-Saturn does in Sagittarius is helped by Uranus and Mars; there’s a reforming quality to Uranus-Saturn trines, and conjunct the Sun, that can be quite consciously highlighted. This also helps Sun-Saturn in its job of making sense of the Saturn-Neptune square. It’s like we have two interrelated questioning processes going on, relating to collective suffering and the meaning we can make of the world it takes place in, and on the other hand issues thrown up by the present testing of social structures and values. Each can provide a piece of the puzzle for the other, but we have to work to make genuine sense out of things, as the forces involved will not brook platitudes and pat answers.

A word of warning re news though: Jupiter does square Mercury for a week or two here, so be careful of exaggerations or overstatements in the information being bandied about.

If we look at the cart for week 3 we see much the same, but Saturn has lost some of that progressive support from Uranus, and has let go of its stabilizing effect  on Mars, so things could be a bit more reactive or strident.

On the positive side, Venus has crossed over into Scorpio and trines Neptune in Pisces, and has disengaged from its opposition to Uranus. I think this is a bit more comfortable for Venus here, as Neptune provides lots of scope for imaginative fulfilment and artistry, and it’s kinda nice to get out of cardinal signs when that Uranus-Pluto square is swinging around. Overall, I think this is something of a pacifying influence.

Come week 4 the reforming Saturn-Uranus trine is back on and continues for the rest of the Sun sign month. Unusual and original inspiration is a very good thing here, but be careful of the details. The square between Sun and Jupiter gives optimism, but the details have to match the vision. Jupiter is now getting close enough to be technically conjunct the North Node, so that Virgoan work is good stuff here, and a better bet than getting carried away with big ideas, especially now that Saturn is no longer holding the Sun back with his caution.

There’s a lovely charmed little pattern formed by Mercury, Venus and Neptune though (probably resonating most strongly around 12th – 13th in fact), harmonious, imaginative, artistic and quite refined if we focus on it. Mercury has moved into Capricorn here, so the realism and seriousness of the mental vibe balances out the Neptunian influence but gets refined by it, while a conjunction with Pluto adds depth. It sounds like a recipe for finding efficient and effective ways of using resources, but in a way which appeals and can be easily sold.

Going on to the end of the Sun sign month and we find that the Pluto-Mercury conjunction has tightened. If there were a time for some news to break on social issues, I guess it would be about 20th December, but involving Pluto, maybe it would be kept hidden anyway. The harmony is really held by a pattern formed by Mercury-Pluto, Venus and Jupiter here. There’s good scope for answers to the crisis described by the Uranus-Pluto-Mars T square (involving good and intelligent use of resources), but they ultimately hinge on Saturn, which rules Mercury and Pluto (and thus ultimately Venus also) by sign placement here, and is ruled in turn by Jupiter (as Saturn is in Sagittarius).

So Saturn is going through its own thing in Sagittarius (involving a Neptune square), while Uranus-Pluto is getting triggered by Mars. Jupiter meanwhile brokers the alchemy, working his way through Virgo, trining Pluto and influencing Saturn by sign placement. Saturn and Uranus are also mediating the two patterns (Saturn-Neptune and Uranus-Pluto) via a trine.


22nd November Sun enters Sagittarius

23rd November Venus opposition Uranus

24th November Mars sextile Saturn

Mars quincunx Neptune

25th November Mercury conjunct Saturn

Mercury square Neptune

Mercury  sextile Mars

26th November Saturn square Neptune

29th November Sun square Neptune

30th November Sun conjunct Saturn

1st December Mercury trine Uranus

Mercury square Chiron

4th December Mercury square Jupiter

5th December Venus enters Scorpio

6th December Sun sextile Mars

Mars square Pluto

8th December Mercury square North Node

9th December Sun trine Uranus

Sun square Chiron

10th December Mercury enters Capricorn

11th December Mercury opposition Uranus

Venus trine Neptune

14th December Sun square Jupiter

Mercury sextile Neptune

17th December Venus sextile Pluto

18th December Sun square North Node

19th December Venus quincunx Uranus

Venus trine Chiron

Mercury conjunct Pluto

21st December Mercury square Uranus

Mercury sextile Chiron

Sun leaves Sagittarius.

An alchemist examining a liquid. Oil painting attributed to Charles-Emile Francois – Wellcome Trust [CC BY 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

* Mars takes approximately two years to go round the zodiac, while the Uranus-Pluto square has been in place for years, slowly moving through Aries and Capricorn. Mars can form a T square with them two ways, opposing Pluto or opposing Uranus. Thus it makes pairs of T squares with them fairly frequently (in Libra and Cancer), with longer gaps of over a year inbetween.


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