end of year

It has again got to the time when the days are drawing in here, so we put up the solstice lights in the window yesterday, as well as the sparkly artificial tree, and hung the shiny coloured balls on it and the dead witch hazel stuck in a lamp in the corner.

I appreciate such seasonal celebrations, as I think they are generally good for the spirit, responding to changes in Nature. Last year we kept the lights up till into February at least, because it certainly isn’t getting light by the end of the “Holiday Season”! I’ll be getting out the daylight lamp as well, to augment our dose of elusive sunshine. I do think that bare trees have a beauty of their own, and the night sky an added clarity, and I will look out for Orion and Sirius, like old friends from childhood. The Full Moons will be slung high and looking small, as they always do in Winter.

This is also a time I tend to look back on the past year, and this one saw a good deal of banishing, as well as significant affirmation. I left behind some things that had been in my life for a good deal of time, and embarked on new directions spiritually. I’m still learning, but I’m glad of what I’m learning.

The year, astonishingly, began and ended with attacks on Paris inspired by absolutist, anti-life ideology. At the beginning of the year it was a shock. Towards the end, it was just grim. Religion and politics seem to remain our favourite flavour of madness. Which just makes every individual, creative, freely straying life that much more vital.

I don’t suggest we put flowers in the barrels of guns, but I do suggest we enjoy everything we have and can create to the full, everything we can share, express and love.  Whereas everything that terror flows from is just frustration and impotence.

Love isn’t so much the answer, as consummation, and the promise of life.

Everyone counts.

“Hipp hipp hurra!” by Peder Severin Krøyer [Public domain or CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons



  1. Merry Christmas to you and your husband Credence! And all your readers. I hope you have a lovely festive season in the snow up north while we are sweltering in the heat down south.
    I do appreciate your honest reflections, they certainly make me think.
    We have had to battle close mindedness and ramped up fear the last 2 years I feel.
    A few days ago while bucketting water from the dam onto my banana plants, I found a very young crow hiding in the undergrowth that was too young to fly.
    It is now in a crow pen on the lawn with its 2 parents in a nearby tree cawing to it. Point is from this ramble that it has been bringing home to me just how important it is right now to make our contributions to assist life and freedom where we can.
    Besides, I really look the part with a crow on my left shoulder, ha! Cheers!

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