Saturn in Sagittarius

Something I wrote on Saturn’s passage through its present sign. It’s easier to read on the Wulf Rose blog this links to

Wolves and Roses

I think it’s time to catch up on what Saturn’s trip through Sagittarius looks like this time round. Last time was between the end of 1985 and 1988 (gulp). This also happens to be my Saturn sign.

This time round there was a dip into Sagittarius from the end of 2014 through till June 2015, then it was back in for the long run September 2015 till the end of  2017.

Two Phases

When looking at the passage of Saturn through a sign, I think it does to concentrate on the slower moving end of things, the “transpersonals”, plus Jupiter (and maybe Mars). Looking at the course of Saturn travelling through Sagittarius we find two big aspects dominating:  a Saturn Neptune square till November 2016, and a Saturn Uranus trine from November 2016* on.

The Saturn Neptune square I talked a bit about here. It occurs between…

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