last lessons

As we amble towards the end of the year, I’ve found some realizations coming home with some relief. Not entirely new, but welcome all the same.

I’ve been reminded that I can’t be involved in politics, which is to say identified, invested, in conflict with, etc, because the inevitable expectation of sanity, justice and honesty which politics requires is a guaranteed recipe for turmoil and grief, unless you are particularly gullible (and haven’t we all been sometime?) , or romantic in ways which really don’t do it for me. I know, you can’t entirely avoid it, living in society, but it’s the identification which is the problem, and identity politics is one of the great poisons of our time. Expecting change, en masse, or even in one population, in a species of precocious primates, addicted to tribe and family, ensuring resource allocation, protecting and disposing of people on the basis of biological “worth”, all dressed up as sentiment and morality; well what’s the chance?

Not a lot.

Art and science would be a different matter. Science particularly I have some hope in. People figuring stuff out. But not so much the social, soft sciences (endless scope for delusions and fudges there). Art though, can be cool. Inspiration, enjoyment. Honest searches for meaning, great. Politics? It’s just management and administration that got up on its hind legs and became a religion. Not that it doesn’t bear observing and taking to bits. Some of it could definitely do with taking to bits. And the funny thing is, when you actually start divesting yourself of the belief system of politics, the “right wingers” consider you suspiciously “left”, and the “leftists” start smelling a crypto-fascist. The feminists see a “misogynist” and the queer theorists see a patriarchal gender essentialist. An unforgiving business is belief. But you really could be forgiven for just not caring.

Which all boils down to “I can’t be involved in human* politics”. That’s the best way to put it, the best remembrance, as referring to it as “human politics” kinda slaps you a bit. Oh yeah, that’s not my thing, however contrary the appearance might be. It actually takes time to unlearn these habits. But it leads to peace of mind, and a more effective life.

Back over at my Wulf Rose blog I am having a bit of a rethink also. I have tried to devote it more to astrology, and more particular to the picture of astrology in motion over periods of time. But this takes a lot of work to prepare and write, and actually gets very little traffic or response, so I may shelve that. The offer of free Reiki training has also got no real response, but that is not an ongoing drain in terms of work. I think it might be time for a rethink, as both Reiki and astrology are fields with a lot of branding and community identification involved, and that isn’t my thing. I will continue focussing on the core ideas of Wulf Rose those, which are expressed on the main pages there.

Have a good season.


The Concert of Cats by David Teniers the Younger [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

* though maybe I should just say “primate politics”? But referring to it as “human”, with the meaning of “primate” also brings something home.



  1. Hey I just asked the online Sabian Oracle on Christmas Eve here what message my Guides had for me. Answer…4 Gemini, “Holly and Mistletoe brings Christmas Spirit to a Home.”!! 2nd time this week I’ve got a spot on 1 in 360 odds answer. Uranus station and synchros have been going bollistic last couple of days. Personally, I hope he’s going to the planet 1 massive kick up its …so we can all make a quantum leap into a higher dimension and drop all the crap.
    Anyway I extend the Guides message to all and hope that we veer down some right paths in 2016. Cheers all!

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