my year of devils and weddings

It being that time that wordpress sends you a summary of your blog’s performance over the last year, I generally do this little review. This is my version of it this year.

It’s been a momentous year for me in that I embraced Satanism (which has been good for both me and my husband), and me and Phil finally got legally, fully married, thanks to the change in UK law that happened last year.


More of my posts got “liked” this year than ever before, which was nice, and the traffic only declined a little on last year, in spite of my having left Paganism. I have to admit though, while I certainly am a Satanist, I am still a polytheist, and do not revoke the term “Heathen”. Heathens never do what they are told anyway.

As for what got the most attention, well the subject of “Satanic ritual abuse” hysteria was the most read and commented upon, and Jimmy Page’s old occult bookshop was also popular.  So was the subject of Warlocks, and why that term is being chosen again by male witches.

Then there was a post about the infantilization of contemporary life, which also drew some attention. Given the craze for “safe spaces” on campus, and “trigger warnings” on life, I doubt that these questions will go away soon. To quote a line from Terry Pratchett: “hello, inner child, I’m the inner baby sitter”.

People are still searching for Tammo de Jongh according to the stats, which I find enchanting and hopeful, as there still seems to be interest out there for his mystical art and theories of consciousness.

The most light hearted search term was “sexy deviant gay art naked men pics blogs” (I apologize for maybe not delivering there), while the most paranoid was “everyone in power is a satanist conspiracy theory”. It does take, as they say, all sorts.

In any case, I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year.

Bengal stick in action by Yavor18 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



  1. Fab photo! Congrats. I like your succinct take on the World’s insanity and cut to the chase on astro interps which I constantly struggle with. 1st song on radio heard here 2016 a.m. David Bowie’s “Changes”! No doubt it will be an interesting year, Cheers!

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