Aquarius Sun 2016

a simplified approach:

Wolves and Roses

Aquarius is a wonderful and paradoxical sign; dualistic, pure, surprising, original. So close to the predicament and potential of being human. The Sun enters Aquarius on 20th January 2016 (UT), and when we look at the planetary motions during this period we know that new seeds will be sown in Aquarius (8th February – New Moon), and there’ll be an opening, a drawing together of influences across the Aquarius-Leo axis at some point (24th January – Full Moon). Here is a quick look at the Aquarius month.

aquarius sun 1b

Immediately we see that a Mercury-Pluto conjunction is the flavour of the month, along with the Saturn-Neptune square (which you can find more about here). Mercury-Pluto is on the heavy, concentrated side, not exactly free and easy, but whatever gets through is deep and (in Capricorn) determined. If you’re tuned into Mercury-Pluto this can be fascinating, just the kind of information that…

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