February is here, relatively mild and sunny. Aquarius, the clearest Sun sign month, clear as a clean sheet of ice held up to the light, or maybe the high sky of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, but here it is the beauty of bare trees and bright sunlight in blue skies, still quite low in the sky, but climbing, day by day.

If high Summer has that profusion of growth and waxing darkness, richness ripening, “high Winter” has the opposite. Emptiness and stillness,  newness, the space left by the cull, the glittering night skies.

This time of year seems to teach that because you made space, you can grow. Because you pruned, you can flourish. Because you waited, you could find. Because you paused and became quiet, you could hear.

I am glad of what we gave up over the last year or two, I am happy with what we “lost”. It was very worth it, not just for our strenghtening and becoming more true to ourselves, but for who we could start to meet instead.

Being yourself is the strength and fire that sustains you, in your journey into the new and the unknown (because the new is always unknown). The two go together, and the instinct of one makes the other a joy of opportunity. It’s odd that we fear the unkown, when it really is us. Only when we detroy the false do we come to understand ourselves better. Know yourself, and everything else falls into place. And as belief in the world dies, so your own life starts to live.

Shining in the clearing, in the well prepared peace.

sky light







  1. Happy Imbolc to you up North! I like that, Ultimately we are the Sacred Fools and it is only us. After a month of no rain down here, the ol’ Water Bearer has really been pouring it down the last few days. Much water, heat and high humidity and happy frogs. I have flowing swimming holes, bliss for this Fool! Cheers.

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