here comes the Sun (eclipsed)

Was that a heavy Full Moon we just went through? I thought it was quite heavy. But what we are headed for right now is a New Moon, that is what it is rolling down towards, in fact a solar eclipse.

This eclipse is part of a Saros cycle that includes the solar eclipses of February 1998 and 1980. Here is the chart:

Pisces Solar eclipse simple

Now I have this feeling that everyone and their dog is going to go “ooh, Neptune Sun Moon Chiron and Mercury!” and talk about inspiration and healing and something or other, but I have just two words for that, and they are South Node. One degree off Chiron, which hooks in that whole little train of eclipse planets. Of course, the Nodes are connected with eclipses, by definition, and this is powerful, and the themes are all there, but they couldn’t be further from where the growth and work is, which is at the North Node. And there is Jupiter. Jupiter is your real friend here, Jupiter in Virgo, very good for healing work, very good for detail, going over it once, going over it twice, verifying the research.

You know who your other friend is here? Saturn. Testing both ends of the Node axis planets. Scepticism, subsisting meaning, never mind blissing out or wallowing in wounds, or getting buried in detail (though the detail wins if in doubt here), but the meaning that lasts, that makes sense in the individual case.

And your other friend is Pluto. In Capricorn. Easing this tension, translating between resource (South Node) and use (North Node). What lives. Because what stagnates doesn’t live, and what works does.

A little trick is that Uranus helps Saturn in its testing work here, with its progressive, reforming, more open minded influence, but Jupiter doesn’t get Uranus at this time, not in the ordinary sense (Virgo to Aries, china shop and football player). But as with any inconjunct, an individual can make it work, and the toning down influence of Saturn on Uranus makes it a little easier in fact.

What I really want to say here is focus on Jupiter in Virgo. That’s where the work is, the potential, the growth, and if there are any dreams, or healing to be had, it is Jupiter that will be actually doing the work to make it real here.

Eclipses bring in different cycles of time to what we are used to habitually: They take us through solar and lunar eclipse groupings that span roughly six months periods (though the groupings are very variable), eg we are having a solar then lunar eclipse in March, reflected by a lunar then  solar eclipse in September 2016. Then there are the 18 year Saros cycles. These ripples and waves in time are some way off the run of the mill fare of personality and psychology focussed astrology, and they can have very magical qualities.

Good luck, and happy surfing.

Make it what you want.

PS: 7th March 2016 – a big thing that does I think come with this eclipse is the chance to let go . The Pisces South Node, it’s made for letting go. If you held on, it would be stagnation. But you can let go. That way also you get the perfect combo for doing the Virgo North Node. Let go at the South, work at the North. On to the future, and to the new, where the real healing and growth is.


Hedge Woundwort, Moles Lane by Derek Harper [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



  1. What a fabulous plant! Deciding to pacify Saturn by helping build a rock garden path. Mixing cement , using Uranian creativity to visualise solid, organic structures. 2 building trying to bridge left brain versus right brain approaches. It’s working. Surf very high down here after Cylcone Winston sth. Pacific ocean. Eclipse path. I’m kind of expecting further upheavals around its path.

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