Behold it is the first of March, start of meteorological Spring in the UK  (ha ha), though you are more likely to get snow at Easter than at Christmas in this country. The month is named after the Roman god Mars, who rules the sign coming later in the month, Aries. So take heart Northerners, Mars comes to destroy Winter in a while. No killing, no curing, that’s just how it is. I’m not fond of Spring myself, too wan and pale and cold, but I distract myself with early April’s celebration of the reception of the Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley. See, even fluffy chicks and eggs have a bloody lining to comfort us.

A good piece of news is that The Sun newspaper covered the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax in a really very reasonable way, and they are a mainstream paper with a large readership. That is really quite encouraging.

I still find it perplexing, if almost wryly amusing, dealing with Pagans at times, with respect to Satanism. When they’re not telling you what Satanism is, they are telling you that you really just shouldn’t be talking about your path at all it seems. Even on groups which you founded over a decade ago and are maintaining for the benefit of their members. Being a Christo-Buddhist-Wiccan is fine, but a polytheistic Satanist really should go somewhere else. Honestly I don’t care. When you have Pagans zealously organising mass cursing campaigns about an uncharged, supposed “rapist”, on the basis of media hype (rather than going to the police, or even identifying any actual “victims”, as anyone who was serious about a criminal offence would do), then I see it really is the batshit crazy bag of righteous nuts it was when I walked out of it. You know what? Good luck!

If you are interested in Black Metal, there is a nice documentary on the British Black Metal scene here.

Have a good season, keep warm (or cool as appropriate), and enjoy everything good in your life.


Venus and Mars by Cornelis van Haarlem [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons – digitally altered



  1. Call me cynical but I have to wonder: the Sun getting Hampstead right? What’s next? The Daily Mail siding with Jeremy Corbyn? Or the Express turning its back on fringe xenophobia?

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