eclipse season

The eclipse already seems like a long time ago, though it is only three and a half days since, but it already feels like the assessment that it would be about letting go fits well. Letting go and doing your work, as in your work, not just what you have to do to make a living.

Venus has joined all those other planets* in Pisces for their pile up near the South Node, otherwise it’s pretty much the same picture. Saturn and Mars “afflict” that little grouping, but they are just a reminder. Fear, worry, threat, or anything that hits on chronic anger, is just an indicator of what to let go of.

Meanwhile we’re continuing to go through Pisces in the solar year. The Jupiter ruled signs are times of transition (just as the Mercury ruled ones are). Sagittarius and Pisces both translate between seasons, part of their mutable character.

With so much in mutable signs, we actually have a little bit of a break from the “cardinal effect” of the Uranus-Pluto square. So take this opportunity to do the work on yourself that you need to, in healing, releasing, letting go, and finding out where your own, constructive work lies. Remember the growth lies with Virgo at the North Node, with Jupiter, and Jupiter still has that strong, rich trine to Pluto to help out in finding deep resources and transformation.

See you at the lunar eclipse of 23rd March – but let’s not think about that too much just yet. We’re doing good stuff here in the middle of the eclipse season, so have faith, let go of interference (it’s only coming up to be released, so don’t stop it, just let go of it), and follow your instinct for integrity.


* Neptune, Mercury, Chiron and the Sun.


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