exorcist Moon

Wolves and Roses

Our next Full Moon is on 22nd April, in the sign of Scorpio. Full Moons pull things towards them in advance, and hold on to them for a while. They bring up things from the depths of the unconscious for us to either be enlightened or troubled by. They are the indispensable accompaniment to supernatural tales, and to romantic nights; the transformers of werewolves, the light to the vampire’s world. Little birds sing to them in the dark, and they cast spells over everyone.

The Moon has a somewhat automatic, “can’t help it” vibe, sweeping people along, and can make people an unconscious “mass”. The Moon isn’t just in the monsters, but in the mob chasing the monster. Actually more mob than monster. Full Moon brings the dark to the surface, and presents us with a choice. Superstition or intention? How things always are, or how we choose thistime…

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