walking through ripe fields

Wolves and Roses

Our next Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, and it occurs on 16th September in the UK. Here is the astrological chart:


Lunar eclipses are always Full Moons of course, as that is when the shadow of the Earth can get cast on the face of the Moon, but they are Full Moons with an extended length of influence, as if transmitting at a different frequency and time span. Darkstar Astrology describes lunar eclipses as “a super menstrual, wolf-howler version of a full Moon”, which is a description I love, though they don’t always feel like that. But yes, they can bring up stuff from the unconscious and make you really aware of what needs to be purged, and they can be harbingers of transformation, all of which is good for your wholeness and ultimate well being.

This one gives a pretty clear indication of the kind of things to…

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