Today is the time of Equinox, Autumn in the North, Spring in the South. I’m writing from my own perspective here, so for me it is Autumn Equinox. It has cooled down, though actually very pleasant, and the leaves are falling increasingly.

Some feel sadness at the ending of Summer, though this (along with high Summer) are my favourite seasons. The great thing about this season is that it is a magnificent ending, so either it is a time to savour, or an enormous relief, depending on the Summer you have had.

Here the change in daylight hours is at its maximum, and we will increasingly plunge into shorter days and longer nights.

I feel myself getting stronger thanks to my loved ones, and also thanks to my own efforts. Libra (sign of the Equinox) is a sign of relationships, and the link between self and relationship with loved ones is a greatly important one for me. One of my loved ones today told me that my sense of doing things for the good of myself would increase as I got stronger. He is right I am sure, though love will always be central to me. Again, maybe it sounds strange for a Satanist to be saying that, but we understand ourselves through others, and only relate to others genuinely from our authentic self. Sometimes we ride into battle, or the play of the game, poised with  the black purity of selfhood. Sometimes we yield and respond from the wellspring of love and relationship. Eventually our fabric may be finely woven, love and will, shadow and light, depth gushing forth in the deepest pleasure, the most delighted love, the finest strength, the great happiness of our embodied spirit, living fully as ourselves. This is also something which I was trying to express in my post on Babalon. I associate selfhood-in-relationship with the colour red. That may be my quirk, but it secretly goes with what I have been taught over a period of time recently, dealing with myself and life as honestly as I can.

I feel great gratitude just to get to this point. Gratitude to who or what? The list is complex, and as a Satanist it does include myself, and especially my loved ones, but gratitude I do feel. It is why I have been able to make a more personal sounding post for the first time in a while.

Have a great Equinox, and enjoy the season.


Venus, from The Seven Planets with the Signs of the Zodiac, 1539 by Hans Sebald Beham [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons – Libra’s scales shown near feet



  1. The Equinox (which I mark on 23 Sept) will act as a trigger to me reevaluating the direction I have been going in. I feel this day marks a good point to change direction in my life. It is a time of year, like the Spring Equinox period when the weather is at its most mild and pleasant, neither cold nor hot. I morn the loss of pleasant days as I head back into six months of cold and darkness. I dread the coming of the rains, having become used to the long dry spells.

  2. A beautiful Litany to Love! It cleared up some of my thoughts that even though the equinoxes are demarcation indicators of change, my intuition is feeling that this is how things will Pan! out. That we off in a different direction from the year leading to this time. The chart for down south in my locale looks good. Here’s hoping, cheers!

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