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Wolves and Roses

Next Full Moon is 16th October 2016. Here’s the chart:


This is one to keep simple. Being a Full Moon it is by nature quite polarised, with a strong tendency to involve relationships (and possible projections). This is further emphasised by the Sun being in relationship-oriented Libra, with the Moon in self-motivated Aries. Emotions can run high at Full Moons, and here the emotional, responsive Moon in conjunct Eris and Uranus. This gives quite a touchy, disruptive undercurrent, not at all to the taste of Libra’s preference for peace, harmony and etiquette (or at least diplomacy and due process in conflict). So deep breaths may be in order, and a bit of holding back and waiting, observing. This is further inflamed though by the squares from Mars conjunct Pluto. There’s rather a lot of frustration and need for change, release, and tearing things down here. And emotionally, it’s all a…

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