annual blog review

Normally WordPress sends me a stats summary for the year, but this year it is a little late in arriving, and as there isn’t much of 2016 to go, I’m just going to do it “manually”.

This year saw a decline in views and visitors to the blog, which doesn’t surprise me, as in a lot of ways, I wasn’t really “here”. It has been a year of magic, crisis, grief, growth and love for me. If I’ve written more on things like politics, it’s because that has been light relief, notwithstanding the phenomenal shifts that look place in the expression of the body politic.

The most viewed posts were:

Satanic altruism: a reflection on the individually defined place of what might otherwise be termed “traditional virtues” within the life of a Satanist, under the aegis of personal sovereignty. It’s up to you what you find value in.

the end of gay and straight: a plea to end the tyranny of modern sexual identity, and proclaim a more individual understanding of human sexuality, for the sake of greater love and fulfilment.

every dog has its day (in a good way): Brexit, and the farce of panic exhibited by the media and political establishment, in the face of a historic exercising of popular democracy.

one year today: on my first year as a Satanist.

oath breakers and spirit singers: a post from almost three years ago on the potency of the term “warlock”.


Tammo de Jongh” remains one of the most popular search terms for people finding the blog. The funniest search term was “gay donkeys”. I fear I have let someone down there. I might write more on Richard Gardner‘s work next year.

I thank my readers for their continued interest, and wish all a very Happy New Year, and a great 2017.



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