refusing to get on the bus

I had hoped that the US presidential inauguration would be something of a cathartic release. You know, get it done, get over it, get on with things. People finally accept who won the election (by the absolutely standard rules of every US election), who’s President, and work with it. No more crying and bleating and hysterics. Boy was I wrong.

I watched the oath taking on TV, and listened to the beginning of Trump’s speech, which seemed pretty good to me. Standing by the ignored and culturally dispossessed, focusing on America, the blue collar reviled, standing by your local people rather than the big global game.

But even before he became President, and before he had done anything, the Left were protesting. Protesting what? Protesting that it was him. Protesting that they lost (again).

But the ferocity, the desperation, the irrationality soon became noteworthy. And the media reported it as if it were some kind of legitimate protest at a something, rather than the ideologically driven tantrum that it was. Within 12 hours of the inauguration there were riots. And if you listened to social media, you would think that a bona fide fascist had seized power, and death squads were imminent, rather than the peaceful transfer of power to a newly elected President.

Rather than accept reality and get ready to work with him, criticise him, hold him to account, once you saw what he was actually going to do, there was just a scream of fury and denial. “Not my President!”. Oh really?

Everything seemed to be being thrown about to try and delegitimize the election.

And then there was the Women’s March.  For what? For “women” I guess, though woe betide you if you weren’t the right kind of woman with the right kind of politics or collective identity. Really, it was just against Trump. He dared to insult their feelings (and he did not “boast about sexual assault”, so just STFU about that lie please), and he was elected, including by women. Unforgivable. More lemmings. More sheep with a mission.

There are plenty of things to be concerned about the Trump administration, plenty of things to work on, hold him to, and quite possibly protest if they happen, but most usefully, to explain why they are unwise or destructive or unfair, if they are.  But what we have seen is the howling face of the Left in denial, and illiberal “liberals” who can’t believe that their gospel didn’t play out as planned. And if this howling and denial continues, with the idiotic riots, and the headless marches of the righteous, and the misrepresentations of the media, well get ready for eight years of this, because Trump got elected for a reason, and these screeching, media beloved hang-overs of baby boomer politics are an illustration of why the Left will fail again, unless it starts listening to people and their concerns, rather than their own plans, and causes, and collectivist obsessions with identity and shame.

I’ll admit that I’m shocked that the denial of reality was this deep rooted, this stupid, and this desperate. But then there really are people who think Trump is a fascist, and everyone you disagree with is Hitler, and a white supremacist, and on they march to the eventual glorious new dawn. Just a little bit of projection going on there, maybe.


Trump-WomensMarch 2017 – By Mark Dixon from Pittsburgh, PA (Trump-WomensMarch_2017-1060588) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



  1. Oh plz! The reality sinking in yesterday…have we really got years of daily news reports of Trumpets dumb tweets and counter tweets? While actual important news is ignored. It’s looking like a media ban around here until it’s finally over.

  2. I have seen more hatred from the anti-Trump side than the pro-Trump side. It’s as though they have taken leave of both their rational senses and their decency. And that’s not even getting into the people who attacked Barron Trump just for being Trump’s son.

    I honestly think decency is one of the most important things here: respect for other peoples rights, respect for disagreements, respect for the honest truth of things, treatment of individuals as defined by more than just their political opinions and respect for the humanity of individuals in a given community who have otherwise done nothing wrong.

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