a project

One thing I would like to do is cover some books which I think have unique value, though maybe aren’t considered by some “serious” occultists for varying reasons. Just as some books at the Left Hand Path end of things get avoided due to preconceptions, some at the more New Age end of things get ignored, when they actually have insights to offer. I think you should take what you find value in from any source you like, and not expect anything to provide everything for you. Finding your path is definitely an individual journey.

I’d like to start with Marion Weinstein‘s “Positive Magic“, which I know a lot of American Pagans rate, and I certainly do as well, even if I differ from her on her opinions on Crowley and Satanism.

There are different approaches to Magic, some much more amenable to the beginner as a form of self-help or life improvement than others. These don’t cover all aspects or types of magic of course, but they can still offer a great deal to people.

It might take a while to prepare this, but hopefully it will be on the blog reasonably soon.

I might also take a look at her book “Earth Magic” sometime.

Maybe expect a lighter approach from Uncle Dawg this year, we’ll see.





    • there are indeed some gems out there, and different people discover different ones, and sometimes also see the wheat in the unfashionable chaff, and I think this kind of reclamation is valuable. Times change, not always for the better, at least not in everything (inevitably), and suddenly what once shone out gets buried, but it can be uncovered again

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