ordeal, eroticism and integrity

Magick Pig

It’s quite often recognised that people belonging to sexual minorities of various kinds can go through ordeals and crises in coming into their deeper identity, accepting it, expressing it, and living as the person they are, especially if that identity is taboo.

I’m not so much interested in that kind of ordeal though, where it focuses on a particular kind of categorisation of sexuality, but on the more intensely personal journey that anyone can go through, moving deeply into their experience of the erotic and sexual for themselves; something as unique as one’s fingerprints, yet as archetypal as myth or types of gem stone as it sinks into the depths of being. Come to think of it, it’s also a different sense of identity, a genuine one, as it is so personal, and can’t in any way be politicised, or turned into a “group issue”. This is part of the…

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