Borough Market

'The Wheatsheaf' closed pub, Borough market, south London by Andy F [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Beautiful Summer morning in London, sun shining. Last night another terrorist attack, focusing on London Bridge and Borough Market, close to each other, an old and quite atmospheric part of town that nowadays has quite a few restaurants, pubs and bars.

The attackers used a van to hit people on the bridge, then men got out and started knifing people, and then went on to knife people in the Borough Market area, including in restaurants and pubs as I understand. To their great credit people fought them with chairs and glasses and I expect whatever was to hand, and the police shot the terrorists dead. One witness reports the attackers as shouting “this is for Allah”, but it is surely only a matter of time before it is confirmed that the terrorists were Muslim. Message me if they turn out to be atheists, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Pagans, agnostics or white nationalists, but I won’t be holding my breath. Seven dead, 48 wounded, 21 in critical condition.

As a Londoner can I just say: please don’t light candles, say prayers, hold vigils. Please don’t tell us to “carry on” in the Blitz spirit. Yeah, we’ve been there done that. We did it in the 70s – 90s with the IRA. But that isn’t how you defeat an enemy, and we HAVE an enemy. Islamist ideology has been taught in the Muslim mainstream for decades. Taught in the mainstream. Meanwhile the media and much of the political class want to pussy foot around Islam, as if it can’t be criticised like any other religion or ideology. As Maajid Nawaz has eloquently explained, it is as absurd to claim that violence has nothing to do with Islam as it is to claim that it is everything about Islam. It is about time it was clearly acknowledged that Islamism* is incompatible with liberal democracy, it is inherently political (take a look at the Medina chapters of the Quran if you want to see some of its mainstream underpinning), and it leads right here.

It is farcical for people to say “but Christianity was just as bad”. Christianity in the West has had its teeth (largely) pulled in terms of political power. We went through an “Enlightenment”, and a secular shift in values. Islam and Islamic societies have not done so yet. It is for them to get there, but it took us long enough, with enough trouble along the way, so don’t expect quick results, even if that is where they go eventually. I would be happy to see that happen, but it’s not our job. Our own Muslims are meant to be part of our society (however diverse within its essential cohesion), not a multi-cultural “experiment” of cultural ghettos.

What is our job is preserving what we consider to be of value in our society and our country, and dealing with an enemy that we find in our midst, as is undoubtedly the case now.

So don’t light candles, or send love and positive energy. We’re not “teaching the world to sing”. If you want to wish for something, then wish for the destruction of the religious ideology of Islamism. Wish for the destruction of those who want to hurt us and our loved ones. Fuck “Imagine“.

Don’t let the people who name the problem continue to be silenced. Stop virtue signalling. It only works when someone else is doing all the hard dirty work. We are honestly sick of that shit.

Learn what “Islamism” actually means, for us, and why it wants to kill you.

* It should be clear to any observer that Islamism and Islam are not the same thing, but it would be entirely disingenuous to assert that the former has nothing to do with the latter. Islam explicitly has the makings of Islamism within it, which is why Islamism has had the way prepared for it by mainstream Islam. Individual muslims are not Islam, and must be respected as individuals. A religion is not an individual, and should be completely open to criticism.



  1. I’ve heard that one or some of the suspects was known to authorities, but was deemed not to be of interest. All while the police and the surveillance state fail to catch terrorists, the police go after what they deem as “hate speech”. It seems to me that we also need to fix the police in this country as well.

    • yes, I heard that there had been more arrests for “hate crime” than there had for the terrorism since the attack. We do need to fix the police, or more properly the idiotic state of policy making that puts resources into post modern delusions that add more to the problem than any solution, because solutions are seen as problematic, while values are seen as relative (fair enough if you teat *all* values the same, which no one does of course), unless they are ring fenced by the ideology (and there you have it – replacing values with ideology, in pursuit of unreality)

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