Spiritual Satanists of the UK

So what did I do over the Full Moon? Well I set up another group on facebook, which I use as a platform simply because it is widely used. I could find little for Theistic Satanists in the UK, Spiritual Satanists (to use the less technical sounding term), so I thought I would set up a group that people in the UK could use for fellowship.

It is called “Spiritual Satanists of the UK, and as the intro says:

SSOTUK is a group for Spiritual (Theistic) Satanists in the UK. We are also open to Luciferians, LHP Thelemites and occultists, Setians, Demonolators and similar, and those who are sincerely interested in Spiritual Satanism.

The group is primarily for people in the UK. We are here for communication, networking and fellowship, and to give a mature representation of polytheistic Satanism in practice.

If you are interested, you can find the group here.

I would like to see better communication and sharing around Spiritual Satanism, and would like to see if there is serious interest in the UK, and if this can be of help and enjoyment for the British Satanic “diaspora” that aren’t atheists and anti-supernaturalists.


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