best of

These are some of the things I’ve written that I’d hope would be useful, amusing, or otherwise pleasing as writing. I hope you enjoy them.


Society and UK

All the perfumes of Arabia ….

London unplugged

will we ever grow up?

red crosses and imaginary peoples

every dog has its day (in a good way)

Nature is the only politics that lasts

the end of the Left’s cultural sway?




freak flags and future home comings

my first occult bookshop

walking into the pond



red as rust and sweet as honey

a black moon and an imaginary earth

pomegranate seeds


hooves in the sky


Paganism to Satanism

Black is Beautiful

loving the gods

roses for southpaws

the brook that runs through the wasteland


oath breakers and spirit singers

gods, demons and stories

union or relationship?

1969 – the devil’s field guide



Sex, sexuality and gender

sex, pornography and human community

a flag stained with wine and earth

the medicine beast

sacred ass

saints, healers and beasts


Spirit and Art

beach combing for natural alchemy

an artist and a phenomenon

big jaws and a beautiful space

the chemistry of union

naked and nude


Cherries by Peggy Greb, USDA ARS [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons