Rambling Thursday

You would think that with a temperate climate our weather would be pretty ideal, and for greenery England’s climate is good, but for us natives the humidity, moisture and changeability gives disproportionate swelter and chill, and an often indeterminate quality. Great moody skies, and lots of days to savour staying inside, but enjoying the weather […]

For Set

I have not turned away from you My ancient When I saw the black moths Fly from my hands Trying to heal my husband And the circular flapping Of crows wings My fire, my will The sprouting leatherĀ  from my back Such a solitary road ago   Implacable Red Father Poised, Ass-Dog faced Father of […]

Pride London, 2018

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of me and my husband’s handfasting, which we did for ourselves in Virginia City NV. It was also this year the date for the Pride March in London. I had not been on the march in years, as it’s a difficult thing to attend for someone in a wheelchair with […]