what do we need?

I’m just thinking about what we need as Theistic Satanists, and there are quite a few things amongst my rambling thoughts. We are people with very little sense of our own heritage, and what I want to say is that it is in fact a rich heritage. We have an unsurprising cultural amnesia, compounded by […]

Moral sovereignty and Satanic intransigence

While out walking the dog I was thinking on what I’ll call “Satanic intransigence“, which is closely linked to our approach to the question of morality. I had just seen a short video on Adam Daniels and his Church of Ahriman, which I don’t know a great deal about, but they seem to have quite […]


These are books I would personally recommend to those with a sincere interest in Satanism. Obviously from my own perspective, but I hope they are helpful. Satanism: A Beginner’s Guide to the Religious Worship of Satan and Demons Volume I: Philosophy: Volume 1 by Brother Nero (RJ Womack) I don’t go with everything in this […]