annual blog review

Normally WordPress sends me a stats summary for the year, but this year it is a little late in arriving, and as there isn’t much of 2016 to go, I’m just going to do it “manually”.

This year saw a decline in views and visitors to the blog, which doesn’t surprise me, as in a lot of ways, I wasn’t really “here”. It has been a year of magic, crisis, grief, growth and love for me. If I’ve written more on things like politics, it’s because that has been light relief, notwithstanding the phenomenal shifts that look place in the expression of the body politic.

The most viewed posts were:

Satanic altruism: a reflection on the individually defined place of what might otherwise be termed “traditional virtues” within the life of a Satanist, under the aegis of personal sovereignty. It’s up to you what you find value in.

the end of gay and straight: a plea to end the tyranny of modern sexual identity, and proclaim a more individual understanding of human sexuality, for the sake of greater love and fulfilment.

every dog has its day (in a good way): Brexit, and the farce of panic exhibited by the media and political establishment, in the face of a historic exercising of popular democracy.

one year today: on my first year as a Satanist.

oath breakers and spirit singers: a post from almost three years ago on the potency of the term “warlock”.


Tammo de Jongh” remains one of the most popular search terms for people finding the blog. The funniest search term was “gay donkeys”. I fear I have let someone down there. I might write more on Richard Gardner‘s work next year.

I thank my readers for their continued interest, and wish all a very Happy New Year, and a great 2017.

go to sleep, little year, and wake renewed

I will do the standard wordpress blog stat review just before New Year, but apart from that, this is the last post for the year, a beautiful photo of Sunset at the Grand Canyon.

Blessings of the season to all.


Grandcanyon sunset – No machine-readable author provided. Caaz assumed (based on copyright claims). [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Kemetic “Art a Week” Challenge # 1 : “Desert”

Shadows of the Sun

One of the Reverends in my Temple, the House of Netjer, decided to initiate an “Art a Week” challenge to last until the end of the Kemetic year. That is, from now until the end of July. Each week, the participants are given a one-word prompt, and from that create a relevant artwork.

This week, our prompt was “desert.” I went the obvious route, and chose to make a piece for Set. It took me about three days to complete.

I decided to depict Set in the center of a desert valley, as His idiosyncratic sha-creature. He is shown with two knives in His forepaws, standing atop a row of bound and decapitated enemies, whose blood pools into a lake beneath them. The meanings of these symbols will be explained in greater detail below.

Image copyright Sarduriur Freydis Sverresdatter. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.Image copyright Sarduriur Freydis Sverresdatter. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative…

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The grand climax

a nice post from my friend Aleph – I may raise a glass to Silenus, and smile on this time as we finish up one year and go on to the new – Happy Solstice folks!

Aleph's Heretical Domain

Xmas is only 3 days away, the winter solstice begins today, and the holiday season is well under way by now. And so I should take a short space of time to reflect on the nature of the season. At one time, I read about the Roman deity Silenus, and his connection to the modern day Santa Claus. It brought up a connection between the holiday season and festive abandon; merrymaking, excess, revelry, indulgence, drunkenness – all represented by the soused deity Silenus (and, for that matter, Dionysus), and reflected in Santa Claus’ jolly expression, soused face, and festive plumpness.

It does seem to make sense that the holiday season would be tied to the likes of Silenus, Dionysus, and Saturn, and that Roman predecessor of the modern Christmas/Yule would be tied to indulgence. The holiday season, being a time of the celebration of the winter solstice, represents the imminent end of…

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Group or Solitary Satanism

a view from another Satanist on Satanic groups and individuality

Devil's Advocates


I have been meaning to write a post on the pros and cons of group or coven Satanism compared with Solitary Satanism for quite a while, so here it is; or a first try anyway.

A short piece of personal background. I started off very much as a solitary Satanist, but from the beginning I was in contact with other Satanists over the Internet in various ways. I then met Sophie so then we were two, then three including our daughter; and eventually Sophie and I started our own coven. As a result I have looked at this subject from several perspectives.

I will start off by saying that in my opinion all Satanists are essentially solitary even if they regularly or occasionally work with others. Individualism is a cornerstone of Satanism, so while we can, and I think sometimes should, collaborate with other Satanists; we never stop being the…

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Opposing Man’s war against the flesh

from my friend Aleph

Aleph's Heretical Domain

I recently came across a study from the American Psychological Association that states that the fear of porn addiction causes more psychological distress or harm than actual porn consumption. I saw an article related to the study that seemed to imply that our attitudes towards sex in general are part of the problem, and I saw some of the comments for the article where students seemed to show images where they illustrate their habits regarding watching porn, and they seemed trepidatious, like they were nervous about what they were doing and acted accordingly. They would watch porn, but they would still treat it like it was something perverted, shameful, or embarrassing, and I suppose in fairness that’s probably because they think it clashes with the familiar values of other people (perhaps authority figures). I began to feel like something was wrong. I felt like I have had tendencies to worried…

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Why be a Satanist?

we’re all different, we’ve all found our own way 🙂

Devil's Advocates


Summer holidays and summer work have kept us busy so in order to get us back into the rhythm of writing we have set ourselves a task. Each one of us will try to answer the question “Why be a Satanist?” in one paragraph.

The background to this question is that it seems to us there are lots of reasons not to be a Satanist (or at least lots of reasons not to call yourself a Satanist) not least of which is the misunderstanding and prejudice the words Satan and Satanism often evoke in a world dominated by cultures and traditions that only use those terms in a negative way.

So here are our answers.


I’m lucky because my mum and Cassie are already Satanists so I never really saw it in a bad way. For me being a Satanist feels like a natural part of growing up. It…

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