ethics and moralism

I’m not fond of moralism, in fact I think it really sucks, and that underlies quite a lot of things I dislike in politics (aside from the obvious such as genocide and imprisoning people for their views). It has a mechanical, reactive quality which makes it a poor guide to living, or decision making. It […]

issues in Satanism

This post is in response to my friend Aleph’s excellent piece on his place in “the Satanic zeitgeist”. There are many kinds of Satanists, and a number of different types of Satanism discernible nowadays, not to mention a near unlimited number of individual variations (given the minimalist individualism of Satanic philosophy), but it is good […]

a Pagan home for everyone

Paganism has grown and developed over time to accommodate groups large and small, with particular interests and wants, often as a countercultural movement, sometimes “progressive” or modernizing and sometimes “conservative”, sometimes a mixture of the two, but rarely with the need to actually be a representative, accessible, equable religion for all people. And as people’s […]