Everyone comes to their own understanding of spiritual principles. For me the place of love and sexuality in spirituality has always been a key question, and one which I knew had crucial answers. Certain faces of “the feminine” are very important to me, in that they coincide with my deeper nature, and the meaning I […]


“we live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight” John Lennon I saw the above quote this morning, and like so much of John Lennon’s perceptions, it was awesome in its simple clarity. A clear perception makes questions possible. Coincidentally we were in town […]

sex, pornography and human community

Reactions to pornography are often very strong, simply to the idea of it, never mind the actual phenomenon, which tends to mask the fact that things labelled pornography or “pornographic” can be very different in nature, circumstance and function. The word “pornography” goes back to a Greek word relating to prostitution, and that term goes […]

Sovereign Snakes and Sunshine

Serpents and snakes have a varied but resonant pedigree within the human imagination. Their undulating motion suggests a power supple, muscular and sensuous, like the natural movements of water, wind and sand made flesh. Heroes battle them, shape shifters turn into them, magicians and healers master them, yogis sit enlightened beneath their raised and unfurled […]